Monday, July 9, 2007

I went down to Fair St. Louis (the annual 4th of July celebration on the St. Louis riverfront) on last Tuesday to see the Goo Goo Dolls perform and wander around taking pictures. The concert was sort of a disappointment just because there were so many people, I had to sit in the grass and watch from a screen. I could see fine but someone should have thought about the ability to hear music on the other side of a hill. I could hear the music, but couldn't really tell what they were saying. Some speakers at the base of the Arch would have been nice. Oh well, it was free, can't complain too much. What I can complain about was the total lack of food around the stage. It reminded me of the wait for nachos at RockFest. (But that's another story altogether) It's bad enough to pay 5 dollars for a corn dog, I shouldn't have to wait an hour to get it, that's all I'm saying.

Under the Arch
Why did I call it that? Because that's where I am...lying on my back under the Arch (Gateway to the West, to you non-widwesterners out there). I could claim to be all clever and a master photographer, but they sell postcards like this in the gift shop. (So, if you don't like lying in the grass to get a cool photo, you can just buy one! Yay!

Windows on the City
This one is a view of the windows at the very top. You can ride a crazy ass elevator/tram to the top and be amazed at the cityscape (way, way) below.

Watching the People
This one was one of my favorites from that day...there's just something about a man in uniform. :) I snuck out of the cattle line and took this picture while muttering to myself "Please don't see me. Please don't see me." Some people are weird about having their picture taken by strangers....I have no idea why. :)

Blondes Have More Fun
These two little girls were twirling around in front of me in matching blonde wigs. They were the only kids wearing wigs that I could see, so I assume they brought them. I have no idea why they wanted to be blonde that day, but they were having such a great time dancing around, I had to get a picture.

Update: I was later informed that these are Hannah Montana wigs and are apparently very popular if you are a girl under the age of ten. More pics from this day later.....

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  1. Subservient No More said...
    Yay I get to be your first commenter ever! I can't wait to see more pictures. I love the arch and the little blonde wig girls.

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