Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh. My. God. Can we talk about, for just a second, the dorkiest thing that ever was, full-on adults practically peeing their pants in excitement for the release of a children's book?

Yep I was among them. Gleefully I might add. Be warned that if you haven't finished the book, there WILL be spoilers because I waited nearly a week people, and I can't wait any longer, if you are still reading, come back later and read no further! (Note: Yeah, I got distracted and I'm finishing this MUCH later, maybe I just needed to think about it some more...or maybe I'm just's probably the second one.) Also, to those of you who have no interest or who read about it on the internet just to see if Harry dies (Mom)...... I just don't know...maybe you will be interested in what I write about next...or not.

Ok, I'm a complete geek and started to sniffle when Voldemort told Beatrix that Tonks and Lupin got married, because how can you not be happy that in the midst of such tragedy the two of them reached out for a little happiness? (especially since it ended too soon?) This was on , what, page 5? It only went downhill from there. I started out reading at Red Lobster which was right down the road from my B&N of choice. (I was hungry and wanted some serious pasta! mmm, cajun chicken! mmm, cheddar biscuits! score!) While I waited for a table, two little girls were leaving and one of them said to the other, "Look, she's reading the Harry Potter book!" Obviously, children of good taste... :) Yes, I started reading it before I even got a table.

It became apparent that I really needed to read this in private when Hermione talked about her parents and the spell she put on them so that they would be safe and not worry about her. The blubbering was sort of embarrassing and I went home to finish the book. (I know that I said that I would take my time, but frankly, I'm not sure if I'm even capable of it.)

Some of my favorite parts (or when I cried the hardest):

  • Hedwig died. I can't say that I was really upset, but it seemed like it should have had more significance considering she was Harry's pet and companion for the last few years and the only friend he had when living with the Dursleys.
  • Mad-eye Moody died here too, but I was way more concerned for George and his missing ear. And how awesome was it that Fred and George looked at near death and dismemberment (well, almost) as just another excuse to joke.
  • The wedding...not because of the wedding itself, but because we saw Luna again and I ADORE me some Luna. I love that character, she's the one person who really gets Harry when he can't even figure out what he wants or feels himself. She is also this free spirit that truly doesn't care what other people think of her, which is something I strive for, but never quite get there.
  • Kreacher....and his great turn-around. Harry finally got it that Kreacher just wanted a little respect and to truly feel needed again. (Poor Kreacher, carrying around the guilt of not being able to fulfill his favorite master's last request of him.)
  • When Harry nailed it to Lupin for running out on his family responsibilities. Hermione and Ron thought he was too harsh but I didn't think he was harsh enough. How sad is it when a teenager needs to tell you how to be a man? I was relieved that he did get it together eventually.
  • That Ron left....I think he needed to be the angry one this time and he needed to know that he could come back...that the friendship between the three of them was strong enough. Also, I think he needed to save the day for once...he needed to know that he could be the strong one...the smart one.
  • When Harry finally laid it all out for Ron.. Hermione likes you, not me. She's like a sister to me, duh! Make out with her, already, just not in front of me! Eww!
  • When Dobby died...oh the tears! I loved Dobby, I think loads of people did. The fact that Harry was so broken up about it and took the time to actually dig a whole and bury him said a lot about his character.
  • That Neville was the rebel on campus while Harry, Ron and Hermione were away. For the last couple of books, Neville has been coming into his own, it was great to see that he was capable of greatness, too, even though the whole prophesy thing was sort of dropped.
  • When Ron and Hermione made out...finally!
  • The walk through Snape's memories....Ha! He WAS in love with Lily. So, we finally learned about Snape's motivations and it all revolved around his unrequited love for Lily Potter. Snape wasn't evil, but he wasn't really good either. All the good things he did at Dumbledore's request were about the guilt over Lily's death and he never did see Harry for the person he actually was, he just saw his hatred for James. Snape lived a very sad life and I can't help feeling sorry for someone who never seemed to experience any joy.
  • The fight for Hogwarts was awesome but why oh why did she have to kill Fred? I was SOBBING people, sobbing! I had to put the book down for a couple of minutes, I couldn't even see it, I was crying so hard.
  • When Harry dies...but doesn't really. Harry finally sees Dumbledore for the flawed human being that he is, and it's ok that his hero isn't perfect. This is where he gets it for the first time, where he learns how to defeat Voldemort.
  • When it looks like Harry is dead and Professor McGonagall screams. I love her, she's the teacher I want to be.
  • When Neville kills the snake, Nagini, the last of the Horcruxes with the sword of Gryffindor that Voldemort practically handed to him.
  • The house elves led by Kreacher fighting the Death Eaters!
  • Mrs. Weasley kicking Beatrix's ASS! "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" Hee. I wish Mrs. Weasley would adopt me.
  • Harry kills Voldemort, not because he is the better wizard, but because Voldemort once again miscalculated and his killing curse backfired into his face.
  • The epilogue....Harry and Ginny get married...Ron and Hermione get married. Teddy seems to be part of the family. And yay Neville! He's the Herbology professor. Draco's still an ass, but whatever, no surprise there.

Stuff I didn't like:

  • Lupin and Tonks died. At least they died together and their son completes a circle that started with Harry and ends with Teddy.
  • Fred dies. Poor Fred.
  • Draco never switches sides. He never really DOES anything to make up for what he's done. The only thing the Malfoys manage to do is refuse to fight and cause more damage. In fact, I can't remember ANY of the Slytherins actually doing any good. Bunch of fuckers.
The epilogue doesn't really tell you anything about their lives other than they're ok but J.K. Rowling gives more info in an interview you can find here.

Ok, I tried linking it, but it didn't read about what the epilogue didn't tell you, go to this page.


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