Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dropping the F-bomb

I was leaving to....well I don't really remember why I went out to my car, but I was about to put the key in the door when I saw the glass in the passenger seat.

"No, no, no. Please tell me I'm imagining things!"

The passenger window was gone, and so was my cheap ass stereo.


I would have been in better shape if the car had been stolen. Seriously. Some idiot broke my window, which is going to cost me $265 to get fixed so that they could get away with a 8 year old stereo that originally cost me $100. So, what, they could get $5-$10 from a pawn shop for it? Will that even buy half a crack rock? I'm so livid right now, I can't stop tearing up, which is my go to reaction for strong emotion.

Also, when I called my Dad to tell him about it I dropped the f-bomb at least twice. I doubt he was upset, but I don't curse in front of my parents.

My parents are being kind enough to pay for the repair since I am in my last semester of school and don't exactly have $265 lying around. (Did I mention that my job at school is no more because they decided to close the office earlier this semester?) So, I'm broke, I have a broken window and no stereo in my car. This. sucks.

p.s. Anyone have any suggestions for having a stereo in a crappy car that doesn't shout, "STEAL ME!"


  1. Rachel said...
    UGH! That's terrible and moronic and just STUPID. I'd be PISSED.

    I usually take my stereo panel off and stuff it in my armrest console thing.

    But really, people who are desperate enough will bust into a car for the off chance you left a $20 in the glove box.

    MP said...
    Oh man..that totally sucks but I understand. One night around midnight there was a knock on the door, it was the police who said, "are you missing anything"..were were like, "huh?"..look out in front, NO CAR...they threw out our car seat, cd's and they busted the axel, transmission etc..and it reeked of pot. I never took the car back, I sold it to the repair guy, I felt SO violated. It was found stalled at Adelaid and 70..punks
    Kendra said...
    Get one that has a face plate that comes off...and take it inside with you ever time you leave the car. It won't work without it...they MIGHT just pass you by next time.

    EVERYTHING was stolen out of my husband's car last year. Amps, stereo...when he bought new stuff they built a frame around the speakers and amp, bolted it to the inside of the truck and he has the radio where the plate comes off. He ALWAYS brings it in at night. (his radio is his baby..lol)
    Anonymous said...
    I had a removable face one but I'm lazy and it was a pain inna butt. In today's world, I would consider asking someone to wire up an input for your mp3 player, and listen to tunes on that. Okay if you're a radio listener this isn't ideal because even if your player has one, it won't work so well in a moving car. But I know you dig tunes. You could leave that big ugly gaping hole that screams "The other fucktard already TOOK my fucking radio!!

    amanda said...
    My car window was broken out with a sledgehammer once. The irony of it was that the thugs had stolen the sledge hammer from the back of my husband's truck. Thieves are bastards.

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