Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's de-lurker day, so if you stop know, say something, even if it's just, "Hi!" If you leave a comment, I promise to visit your blog and either reply via email or comment back on your site. Everybody join in! (ha! peer pressure!)

p.s. This means you, stl visitor who stops by regularly but never says anything!


  1. Ali said...
    first time here...but i'll bite!
    Anonymous said...
    Hi... should I be wearing a cool trench coat as I comment?
    cadiz12 said...

    i know the feeling. i had a constant visitor from iceland for two years who suddenly disappeared. i'm sad i never said anything!
    Kendra said...
    Not a lurker...but can't resist saying hi anyway :)
    lucius said...
    hi! < waves >
    MP said...
    Hi...first time here..I wasn't the lurker..I saw you on Bossy's Road Map..if she comes to town we'll have to do a group thing, don't you think???

    I have a visitor from Brazil..they visit ALL the time and have never said anything.. :-(
    MP said...
    I started going home Olive to 170 to is SO quick..My commute home is now quicker!! I'm going to try it TOO work now!
    sort-of grown-up said...

    I'm a little tardy ...and no one ever is suprised. I'm an stl kid, too. I even <3 hampton village target.

    I think you got on the feed from nablopomo. (And you're good reading, btw : D )

    --kate @ sortofgrownup.blogspot

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