Saturday, January 19, 2008

I tore out what I had managed to finish on Dan's hat last night.
I was about ready to start reducing to close the hat at the top when I realized that one of the stitches had fallen off one of the needles a couple of rounds ago and I hadn't noticed. Damnit.

I decided to go the "easier" route and buy a circular needle. (two needles connected by a cord or tube) Easier my ASS. I had trouble with it from the start and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

"Damnit!! You're supposed to be easier! Be easier, you fucking thing!"

Needless to say, that didn't work either.

Then, I found a website that said when I had finished casting-on my stitches, I needed to stretch them out so that they covered the whole thing.

"OOOOh! Ok!"

So I cast-on my stitches again and stretched them out, go. The cord was too long. What the hell?

After cursing the air blue, my cat was staring at me warily and I made a radical decision.

"I'll just cut it!!"

I estimated how much needed to go, cut it off, and after trying to use matches to fuse the two ends together and failing...miserably, I went to the kitchen, turned on the burner, and stuck both ends in the blue flame and smooshed them together(that's the technical term).

"Holy crap, it worked!! I'm a genius!"


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  1. Kendra said...
    Don't you love when things like that work? For me its a caveman type "I have made fire!!" moment. I feel like wonder woman :)

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