Friday, February 8, 2008

Let me say first, if you have not seen this week's episode of LOST, go see it already! I don't care what's up first on the TIVO, YOU. MUST. WATCH. But, if you haven't yet, may ye not go further, there WILL be spoilers. Oh, yes, there will be spoilers. Let me say second, if you have no interest in the TV show, LOST, this is not the entry for you, feel free to skip this one.
** denote flashbacks

Previously on LOST:
Locke killed Naomi with a machete. Ouch.

The Losties were split on whether or not to take the frieghties up on their offer of rescue. Notably, Sawyer, Claire and Hurley went with Locke to avoid the freighties.

Jack, Kate, and Hurley make it off the island. They are part of the group, The Oceanic 6, which in the flashforwards, are the only people to make it back to the far. So, still don't know who the other three are.

Hurley is seeing Charlie in the present(?). Charlie is dead. Dead Charlie is PRETTY. Ok, I get why Evangeline Lily likes him so much. Still short, though. Bummer.

Hurley feels safer in the mental institution. I would hug Hurley if I could. I get it Hurley, I do.

Hurley apologized to Jack about going with Locke and promised he wouldn't tell. What, exactly, we're not sure.

Scary tall black guy visits Hurley, says he's from Oceanic, and offers Hurley a better institution. Hurley says no thanks. Scary guy doesn't have any ID and asks Hurley, "Are they still alive?" Huh.

Tonight's episode is freightie-centric.

The freighties' helicopter is going down. They bail out.

*A salvage operation finds Oceanic 815 in a deep trench off the coast of Bali. Since we all know that's not where it went down, we are left to wonder how that plane got there, or rather, who put it there and why? I really can't think of a reason for that sort of hoax, especially something so elaborate. You see later in the episode that they put BODIES in the plane to give the passengers' families closure. Can you fucking BELIEVE that?! That is some evil ass shit and I can't wait to find out why they did it.*

*The first freightie, Dan, is watching the news in Massachusetts as they talk about the discovery and sort of crying. He tells his girlfriend/wife/sister/whatever that he doesn't know why he's upset. Er, okay.*

Sawyer is my boyfriend. Kate's gonna have to fight me for him. (Hey, I could totally kick a fictional woman's ass for the love of a fictional man, but only if he's as HAWT as Sawyer.) Sawyer loses his temper and beats somebody down. I love it when Sawyer loses his temper and beats somebody down. Especially when it's Ben he's giving the beat down to.

That Locke's Dad stole his kidney is what saved him when Ben shot him last season. Can you say awesome?

*The second freightie is a ghostbuster? And a con artist? Ahhhhh, ASSHOLE, should have given Grandma the money. On this island that you find yourself? It has a monster, made of black smoke, and it kills bad guys, even if they're sorry. Although, cool, a psychic. (He talks to dead people.) Anyway, his name is Miles. Miles is an asshole.*

Sawyer is my boyfriend, but Sayid is my fiance. Yummies.

*Third freightie is Charlotte. She's some sort of Indiana Jones. We see her in Tunsinia. She interupts a dig where they found the skeleton of a polar bear. In the freaking desert, people. Even weirder? It had a Dharma collar. So, the island is not the first place Dharma experimented with polar bears in strange places. Interesting. Charlotte knows something about Dharma and she doesn't beleive that 815 has been found. Hmm, does she think Dharma is the perpetrator of the hoax?*

Charlotte makes the mistake of telling Locke that she is wearing a tracking device. Locke puts it on Vincent and sends him running out into the jungle.

*Freightie number four, is a pilot, named Frank. He sees them showing the pilot's body on TV. Must have been hard to find that body, you know, since the monster ATE HIM!!! He knows it's not the pilot, he knows him. In fact, he should have been flying that day. Oops, survivors guilt. Don't worry, dude, the island did it, nothing you could have done.*

Ben shoots Charlotte!! Yeah, that'll save you. Dumbass. Luckily she was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Interesting. Guess she was expecting trouble.

Frank is a pretty good pilot, cuz he managed to land the helicopter, even though he says it was hit by lightening. Good job, Frank.

*Naomi is getting briefed on "the team" by scary black guy. She's supposed to protect them on "the mission". Naomi knew that survivors are a possiblility even though scary guy insists, "There WERE no survivors of Oceanic 815. Don't ask questions, just do what you were hired for." Oops, I think she failed. That dude creeps me out. Seriously.*

Miles tries to call what sounds like McCastle. He can't come to the phone. (Scary guy?)

Frank is very familiar with the plane manifest. He knows Juliet's not from the plane. Miles is REALLY pissed off about that. Damn. What did Ben do this time?

Locke is ready to finally kill Ben. But, it seems he knows quite a lot about Charlotte. How exactly? Seems the freighties have a traitor in their midst. Ben knows they are there for him.

In the previews: Next week, we learn about about the next member of The Oceanic 6.

note: Spellcheck isn't working. Sorry if there are any obvious errors. Spelling is not my thing. Also, if you actually read this, thanks. I just love this show.


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    MP said...
    I noticed that about Spell Check.. I do not watch this show..I never jumped on the bandwagon..Maybe some day I will rent..

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