Thursday, October 25, 2007

I believe that I mentioned before about shopping at Steve and Barry's, especially the Sarah Jessica Parker line, well here we go, I finally got around to showing you some of the great stuff you can find at this store and the pieces I have already snatched off the shelves for my very own.

these are the "Boyfriend jean" which have already gotten me compliments

satin ballerina flats

black and white Houndstooth coat
I ADORE this coat, comfy and warm and oh so cute.

I bought this sleeveless ruffle shell in a pale blue-green that looks lovely under a cardigan sweater.

I bought this waffle hoodie in grape and dark gray.
$19.98 each

I bought this 2 button lace trim nightie in blue.
It makes a great slip under all those sweater dresses you've bought.

Last, but not least, this woven robe is just a light cotton which is perfect for throwing on over your pj's if you have to run to the door for the UPS man. (not that I've done that)
I bought it in light blue instead of this lovely pink.

If you have a Steve and Barry's store in your area, they are worth a look. You can get great deals on graphic t's (2 for $15), basketball type shoes in a variety of styles and colors for less than $15, nothing in the store is over $20.

Check it out, they have a website, but you can only buy products in the stores.
Note: I don't know what's going on with the font and size, after the 5th time trying to fix it, I gave up. Stupid Blogger!


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