Monday, October 29, 2007

Can we talk?

Being a young single girl I enjoy the occasional drink with friends, especially if the evening includes shakin' my booty to whatever music the dj feels like playing. Just like the Pink song....

I'm drunk
I don't give a ***k
Wanna dance
By myself
Guess you're outta luck
Don't touch
Back up
I'm not the one
Buh bye
Listen up it's just not happening
You can say what you want to your boyfriends
Just let me have my fun tonight

Granted, the guys she's talking about usually aren't the problem.
By the way, I REALLY don't enjoy the newest (prolly not new, could be I just noticed) technique of cutting a girl out of the dancing crowd and rubbing your body on her uninvited. When did this become ok? It is especially icky when perpetrated by THIS guy. (below)

Please forgive the poor quality of the photos taken with my cellphone, but I need them know...proof. Um, sort of.

Ahh college night at the bar, cheap beer, drunken co-eds of both genders....aaaaand 40 year old men? (I'm guessing on the age here.)

They can't dance, they dress like dads and they spend the whole night trying to talk co-eds into going home with them. Um, what? What could possibly be the thinking behind this behavior? I watched in fascination thursday night as they rubbed themselves indiscriminately on girls barely old enough to even get in the bar. At one point, I saw them go off to one side of the room to confer with each other.......strategy session? They pick out of the crowd the girl LEAST likely to go home with a guy old enough to be her father. They stop girls leaving the restroom to comment that he was watching them earlier and their dance moves should be illegal. Huh? Gah, Creepy. One guy accosted my friend one night and had to be hip checked into the wall by another girl when he wouldn't let her go. Lucky for him, I missed that one. Every week, there they are, more desperate than the week before.
Gah, I find myself more annoyed as I write this. Going to the bar isn't always about dodging the pervs, I have a good time with a fun group of people and get to lose myself in loud music for a couple of hours and forget about deadlines, papers still to write, and complicated life decisions. For that, I'll deal with the pervs. Besides, then I get to make fun of them on the internet, can't beat that. :)


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