Monday, October 29, 2007

Just a heads up......

I was looking for a way to make this blogging thing a little more interesting and maybe network a bit when I came across this. So, I thought.....well, why not? Write an entry a day for the month of november, that's it, I can do that. So, I joined and already the 3 people that usually read my blog have been joined by many more (well, a few anyway) I'm excited to see what happens. There will be some changes to make this a little easier. I'm gonna steal a feature from KM at The Barnyard. (I'm sure she won't mind.) Her entries start with a little blurb about what she's wearing. I'm trying to be a little more fashion conscious in my new urban environment. (One of my favorite things is the more adventurous fashion choices I've seen. You can wear just about ANYTHING and people won't blink an eye. Not the small town mentality I'm used to, I like it a lot.) So, to start I'll finish this blog with a sample, though the outfit today isn't very exciting due to the 5am wake-up call I was subjected to by my downstairs neighbors. (We'll save that story for another time.)

What I'm Wearing: Turquiose hoodie, charms t-shirt that proudly proclaims that "I'll CHARM the SOCKS off ya!", Levi's straight leg jeans, and my blue and pink Starbury running shoes (not that I actually RUN in them, they could get scuffed that way)

Let me know what you think, good or bad.




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