Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chicago and a Fountain

What I'm wearing: a short sleeved sweater dress with red, brown and plum in it (it's kind of hard to explain, refer to picture above), brown footless tights and my satin ballet slippers...it was nice today...70 degrees.

I went to Chicago a couple of weekends ago to do some shopping but I think I'm done talking about shopping for now so I'm going to show you some photos I took while there, cool?

Outside Navy Pier, you can find this fountain that randomly spurts water out of the sidewalk which this little girl was happy to run through. I caught her at the moment she paused, waiting for just the right moment to run.

Aaaand she's off! She was so cute and completely enjoying the moment.

When it was getting too dark to take photos of the kids around the fountain, I turned my attention to the skyline and found this...I used a filter on photoshop to punch it up a bit.

I'll post a few more tomorrow that I took in Lincoln Park......


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