Friday, November 2, 2007

day 2

What I'm wearing: pink t-shirt that says "no animal testing" and a picture of a dog and cat writing (hee), levi's boot leg jeans and my chucks

I didn't do much today, mostly caught up on sleep and picked up a portable hard drive to make more room on my computer and keep my files safe. In honor of the new hard drive, I'm gonna post a couple of old pics from a black and white photography class I took a few years ago....

This is pretty self-explanatory...three pillar candles with no other light...soft focus so that you can barely tell what they are...I just like it


This sculpture is in front of a building at SouthWestern Illinois College (SWIC) in Belleville IL. I took a couple of art classes here one semester and this was my self-portrait shot. You can see the figure that is me just about in the middle of the reflective ball. It's mini-me. :)

Alright, that's all I've got for today, I promise to be more interesting tomorrow.

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  1. Rachel said...
    That makes me miss my old photography classes! Very beautiful photos.

    I really need to get me an external drive. My computer is packed.

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