Thursday, November 1, 2007

What I'm wearing: Green sweater dress with 1/2 sleeves, brown tights, and brown leather wedge heeled boots

Happenings of note:

  • This morning while waiting for the metrolink to work, a man asked me for money for a bus ticket so that he could get home. He complimented my coat amd looked harmless so I gave him $2. Then...he kissed me on the cheek. Ahem. I was sorta stunned. Thankfully my train arrived and I got on and sat down quickly. I wanted to sit in a corner and think about what I had done. I. AM. A. SUCKER. It should be tattooed on my forehead. Seriously.

  • I went out last night for Halloween.
    I didn't remember to take a picture until I had started to take it apart, so picture this with makeup and earrings. My original idea was to look a little more mussed and tell people I had been seduced by Zeus, but I was pretty sure no one would get it. Aaaanyway, I had 3 drinks and spent most of the day today with a pounding headache. I almost killed a co-worker, it was that bad. Thankfully, my boss slapped him for me. Fucker. He deserved it.

  • In class tonight we made a map of Missouri out of a Pop-Tart and cake decorating stuff. Check it out.

  • The class dissolved into giggles when the instructor brought up a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of Mary on it. There's a long story that I'll link to, it's hilarious. The lady sold it on ebay after owning it for 10 years!

  • I'm pretty sure the instructor made this one. I apologize if anyone is offended, but come on, religous icons on grilled cheese, that's some funny shit. Check out the story here.

  • While waiting for the train home, a young guy approached me, wanting money for a ticket to get home because he was under HOUSE ARREST! He showed me the bracelet! After I gave him the $1.30 in my pocket (SUCKER!), he asked me if I have a boyfriend. When I told him that I did (lie) he asked if I had any friends! He just told me he's under house arrest but wants me to set him up with a friend!!! The fuck?!

  • The metro experience wasn't all bad, though. While waiting for the bus, a man offered me kleenex for my sniffly nose. Chivalry isn't dead, ladies.

Ok, blogger is possessed. I will have to post the rest of the pics later. deal.

update: problem solved and just in time whew!

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  1. Kendra said...
    Holy cow! Two crazy people? *am suddenly glad I don't live in the city :)*
    Love the Missouri poptart ;)
    and...who in the heck keeps a grilled cheese sandwich for 10 years? Even worse, who buys it???

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