Friday, November 23, 2007

So tired.....

I promise to have something more substantial tomorrow......until then, here's a photo...or two.

We're a bunch of Jeep nuts. This is me and my brother a couple of years ago. Since 2002, this past summer is the first summer we, as a family, have missed Camp Jeep. Camp Jeep is an owner celebration offered every summer by Jeep so that we can spend 3 days playing in the mud with fellow weirdos, just like us. So. fun.

This photo was taken after singing the national anthem for the eleventy-billionth time for a promotion that Jeep was doing for the National Anthem Project. We lined up our Jeeps to make an american flag and sang our little hearts out while they taped the whole thing from a helicopter.

And the finished product...Stars, Stripes and Jeeps forever. Hee. The arrow is pointing to my brother's Jeep Wrangler. So, if you ever saw this commercial, I was there, true story.


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