Thursday, December 20, 2007

You may recall that the siblings andI were going to buy a DVR for our parents for christmas. We have run into a few problems. First, we found out through the company that it is next to impossible to surprise someone with a product from dish network. So, after MANY phone calls to customer service which consisted of some guy in India not being able to understand my sister and my sister getting increasingly pissed off, she spoke with a local guy who basically said, "Sorry, we can't do that." Shit. So, my sister and I discussed it and even though we didn't want to do it that way, decided that the only way to keep it a surprise from both the parents was to present them with a card christmas morning with a sort of IOU. Second, my brother just called me and said "Why didn't you tell me the DVR was being sent to the house? It came while I was at work!" Only, we couldn't order the damn thing so,.....? Uh, I think christmas is sort of ruined, at least our gift is. (sigh) My brother is going to attempt to be sneaky tomorrow and find out what's going on, but I may have to make an emergency run to the mall for two more gifts. Shit.

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  1. cadiz12 said...
    don't you hate that kind of stuff? we tried to get a tv for my parents' 30th anniversary and just drew in a picture of it (it was getting delivered, and my mom would have been the only one home to receive it).

    when you can't surprise them, it takes the fun out of it. but a dvr is the kind of gift that is so totally awesome, it doesn't need a surprise. i hope it all works out.

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