Friday, April 25, 2008

I just finished watching LOST on my TIVO and OMFG! I just...Claire...and then she wasn't...but then Sayid....oh, Sayid he played you and I knew it....and the time travel (that was definitely time travel and you can't convince me otherwise) and Jack...I KNEW it was appendicitis, my Dad did the exact same thing and we are STILL making fun of my Mom for insisting it was the flu and he was being a big baby...Yea Bernard and his skills.....Hugo is the best....oh my god, the smoke monster killing the bad guys, AWESOME...poor what's her name (what IS her name? Damn, I forget!)...the time thing is confusing me still, can't figure out when is the future and when is the, really proves that whole time is relative thing, huh?

Have to be up in...uh, 6 hours...going to bed.

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  1. MP said...
    I haven't gotten hooked on lost..and this isn't going to be like the twitter can't make me do it...

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