Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update! I found this. GM is offering hybrid vehicles for BlogHer attendees. But, the closest city to me is Chicago. Anyone from the Chicago area interested in a carpool? All you would need to do is slow down long enough for me to jump on!

I chickened out last year when it was practically in my backyard. Now, not only would I get to see San Francisco, a city I've never been to, but meet bloggers that I've been, following this past year. Paying for the conference itself isn't a biggie, they have a student price which is affordable. I'm stuck on the airfare and hotel costs, though. Around $400 for a plane ticket, more than that for hotel, even if I share. Do I say, oh well, I'm poor and just mope around that weekend feeling sorry for myself? Or, do any of you lovely people have any ideas? Suggestions that don't involve hooking? Begging I'm ok with, hooking would be a bad idea. Any St. Louis publications that you think would sponsor me, even though I'm not a Bossy, or Pioneer Woman? I would be willing to work, write something, tattoo their logo on my butt, even. Please, please, please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!!

Update: I have entered any contest that I could find that would pay for the trip, including the GE Caulk singles thingy. (I realized that, duh, a $1000 would pay for quite a lot.) If you know of anything else like this, that info would also be appreciated.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Do you read Crystal at boobsinjuriesanddrpepper?
    She asked the same question..hop over there and start looking at responses.
    Kait said...
    What about the RFT sponsoring your coverage of the event? They could interview local bloggers, get some perspective of how St Louis is showing up on the blog scene, etc.

    Hey, it's a thought!
    Bri said...
    MP-I read her all the time, I didn't think about reading her comments. Thanks!

    kait-the RFT! Perfect! Now to figure out how to word the email...

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