Monday, May 26, 2008

It's the unofficial start of summer and time, once again, to get Naked. Summer is my favorite season. Clothes are so much easier, just throw on a sundress and some flip flops and go. Easy peasy. We start baring bits as the weather gets warmer. A little leg, sun-kissed arms, and my favorite part, shoulders. I can honestly say I love my shoulders. I like to smell the skin on my shoulders when they're coated in sunscreen. I like the freckles that pop up as the summer passes. They're pretty and I'll spend most of the summer showing them off. I don't have any summer color, yet, and if you look closely, you can see the blue veins tracing under my skin, but here they are.

and my collarbone, that sticks up higher on one side than the other

close-up with the sundress I wore today

So, there I am, Naked, at least a small part of me. What is your favorite body part? What do you love showing off in summer?


  1. Pajnstl said...
    My favorite body part for summer is my feet! I LOVE to be barefoot or at the very least having my toes exposed.

    Cute freckles:)
    My Life My Life My Life said...
    Nice shoulders...broad but not in a masculine kinda way...very feminine. I dont really have a body part just for summer. Well I guess I have, the back of my neck. I tend to wear my hair shorter or up more during the summer. Something about the air on my neck.
    Rachel said...
    I'm so used to covering up over winter that I have trouble bearing anything until mid-summer.

    But if I had shoulders like that, I'd be in tanks all year round. ;)
    Anonymous said...
    I don't show my shoulders cause I don't show my upper arms.. sad
    Heather said...
    Summer? Yikes!
    Melinda Zook said...
    My feet...with a nice pedi, they rawk.

    I am so ready for sundresses!

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