Thursday, May 22, 2008

As I mentioned, I spent this past weekend at my parents' house in Southern Illinois. What I didn't tell you is that I decided to out myself to my parents. Out my blog, I mean. Until a few days ago, my family had no idea that I wrote on the internet or that I had met a bunch of you a month ago. My dad was blown away that Saturn would sponsor someone to travel around the country and my mom was blown away that someone is willing to advertise on a site written by her daughter. When I told her that I don't really have enough readers to actually make any money out of it, she offered to go to my site as often as possible to help. My parents are a hoot.

The portrait session went well and my mom barely complained at all. ;) Before we got started, I looked over to see my nephew hanging from a bar on the wall. "Look, mom! I'm a monkey!" Ah, four year olds! When the session was over, I left my mom and sister to pick the poses they wanted and I took Hayden, the monkey boy, into the mall to find a dress for myself. (My mom told me as we were ironing that morning that I was going to the wedding that Hayden and my brother Jared were in, apparently no one thought to tell me this BEFORE I arrived, away from my closet with all its clothes, including TWO brand new dresses.) Hayden is an excellent shopper and gets the biggest kick out of everything, including picking out dresses for his Aunt Bri. The dress he found was one I ended up buying (I bought 2, they were on clearance.) And of the 2 I bought, I let him pick the one for the wedding. Yes, he went in the dressing room with me, no way was I letting him out of my sight for a second. (Not because I'm afraid someone will snatch him, but because he's sneaky.) He was mortified to see me in my underwear and kept pulling my shirt over his head...let's just say that we were definitely entertaining for the other shoppers. For his help, I let him ride one of those quarter fed cars that vrooms and rocks back and forth. Then the little shit tried to con me into the train too. sigh. I'm CONVINCED that I was never this difficult as a child. Anyway, the photo session with him was nixed because we just ran out of time with all the stuff going on and my sister figured it would be too much picture time for him and he'd just lose his shit, and trying to get him to be still for half a second sunday evening, I agreed with her. Ok, I'm done talking, I'll tell you about the wedding and Hayden shouting, "Look! I have a pillow!" tomorrow.


My parents' house

Side view with the bare butt of the gargoyle

The tree that I planted when I was little and where the barbies were held hostage by the evil queen





And, this is where the title came from. This, my friends, is what the middle of no where looks like. It's quiet and spacious and a nice place to grow up. More tomorrow, when we see my dad's idea of art...or laziness, you decide!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Having country cousins from near by you KNOW that I love this post.. I love the middle of nowhere..NOW I do..I didn't when I was younger. Looking at your pics I can breath in and almost smell that "country" smell.. a mix of animal crap..grass..rain..dirt and somthing burning I right?

    So are you going to sensor yourself at all or do they have too much to do anyway??
    Heather said...
    Looks very peaceful. I'm impressed you were able to shop and try on clothes with a 4-year old. I've never been able to manage that.
    Kendra said...
    Its funny - my family and friends know I have a blog and I think only one of them ever looks at it (and we're not related). I'm curious to know the 'censor' answer as well :).

    Can't wait to hear about the wedding.
    Bri said...
    As far as censoring myself goes, I warned them that this is my life and that I may talk about things that make them uncomfortable. I also curse WAY more than they would like. I have made it a point not to give away too much information about who I am, last names and specific locations because where I'm from is enough of a small town for people to be able to connect the dots back to my family and none of them would ask for the attention, they are not like me in that way. ;) I've always made it a point only to use names for kids and friends who already have homes on the internet, such as my brother, Jared, who has a myspace page. I'm still working out what I feel comfortable sharing with the internet, but my content will not be changing because my family can find me, naked mondays will continue, even if it makes my mom cringe. ;) Does that answer your question?
    My Life My Life My Life said...
    That middle of nowwhere looks beautiful. I grew up in a small town and I used to be mortified when my 'big city' cousins came to visit because they 'always had so much to do' where they were from. Now they tell me how much they loved coming to visit us...
    sonrie said...
    looks relaxing and beautiful because of all the rain this spring. it may not be a big city, but a nice place to retreat.

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