Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes, it's Naked Monday again. (Actually Tuesday, my long weekend put me behind, don't worry, I have lots of pictures.) This Naked Monday is brought to you today by suggestion and inspired by a conversation I had with some female family members about the current fashions in pants. Let's just put it this way, I was the only one not wearing mom jeans. Hee. So, here we go, time to get naked.

Pants do not fit me. At all. They never have and never will. That, my internet friends, is a fact. My legs are too long. My butt is too big. My waist is too short. All these things add up to difficulties making pants fit. (This is not to say that I consider these things to be flaws, well except the short waisted thing, that one annoys me.) Add to this the weight yo-yo and I own pants in 6 different sizes. 3 of which I can wear, though most of them now require a belt. So, belts have become my new best friends and one more piece of clothing that I collect.

The evidence:

Being short-waisted means that there is extra material where should not be extra material. This is highly annoying..(and not cute. ick.)

These are the best fitting jeans I have, I bought two pair

Without belt
These are new bermuda shorts. Notice how they gape in the back

All my pants do this, it's a common problem for women. You would think that they would, I don't know, SOLVE it. How hard could it be?

With belt
This is my solution, at least for now

And this would be my belt collection

So, there you go. It's me...Naked, at least a small part of me. ;)
Now that I've explained my issues with pants (though I'm pretty sure that Raquita and Heather have already heard part of this story), it's your turn. Guys or girls, what article of clothing will just NOT fit? Share and discuss.


  1. Pajnstl said...
    Hi! This is my 1st time commenting, been lurking for a while now....
    Anywhoo, I have the same issues with gaping pants, BUT the thorn in my side well breast are buttondown shirts!! They do NOT make those for women who are larger than a b cup! You wanna talk about GAPING Lol My remedy? camisoles and tee's.
    Anonymous said...
    OK..try having hips/belly that is larger than your shoulders/bust and waist.. You have a shirt that fits well down..but then it's too big on top. You get it to fit good on top and it's too tight on the bottom.. You get an empire waist and you look pregnant!
    Don't even get me started on pants, I tend to not tuck in due to the HUGE ass muffin top so I havent' worn a belt in years..
    The place I found for pants that fit me: Chico's at the Galleria..they are bigger in the ass, smaller in the waist and tighter in the legs..but they ain't cheap
    My Life My Life My Life said...
    My issue is pants. I'm 5'2, no hips, no butt but a belly...I always get at least a size bigger because I like this thing called breathing..Since low rise jeans or no waist jeans are pretty much the norm, and I'm flat with no butt, its a struggle at all times to keep my pants where they belong. And then there's the foot of material at the bottom of the pants leg....

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