Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Favorite Things

I thought I'd start a new weekly series, though this one won't be on a set day. We'll see what happens, shall we? People have asked me about the hair stuff I talked about on a Naked Monday post and there are things that I've found that I really love, so this series of posts will be about things and places that I have found that I would consider a favorite. The posts aren't reviews, the companies haven't given me anything, they don't know I exist. ;) Since we're not talking about getting Naked, anyone who wants to join in is welcome, if you do, I'd love to read about your favorites, too. This week we'll talk about some things hanging around my place that you may like, too.

When visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago, I rediscovered this steak sauce, made by a little company in Centralia, IL called Country Bob's. It kicks A-1's ass. YUMMY! It isn't offered in local restaurants, but you can find it at Schnucks and Shop n Save, according to their website. I bought a big bottle before coming back home, just in case. ;)

This is my wallet, bought from Forever 21, though I have seen many more similar to it in other stores.

This is the view of it open. I LOVE it. It's the first wallet I've ever had that made life easier, rather than harder. It can be found on the website here or in your local store.

My yarn stash...the unraveled bits can be blamed on a frisky cat. I love yarn. I love the way it feels, the amazing colors, running it through my fingers and watching it grow into something beautiful. My favorite yarn store in St. Louis can be found here. Learn something new, take a class, ask questions, create something beautiful.....

This is my shower gel. It's not fancy or expensive, but it smells delicious and makes my skin soft. This one is the white tea scent. I like the green tea and honey one, also.

This is the hair stuff, which I heard about from The Pioneer Woman.
Biosilk Hair Therapy. This is the most expensive hair product I own and worth every penny. I bought it about a month and a half ago and have only used that much. What does it do? It makes my frizzy hair with curl tendencies soft, smooth and curly. Love that.


  1. Pajnstl said...
    OMG! Biosilk is the BOMB! lol I was looking at a wallet similar to the one you have this weekend in Charlotte Russe. I might go back and get it.
    Anonymous said...
    I really love that is so cute. My mom has a sewing kit that looks very similar. At first I thought you were just crafty and turned a sewing kit into a I know it's actually the style. I thought it was you being all quicky and trend setterish...
    Jan said...
    BioSilk is INCREDIBLE! Yes it is expensive and what I am about to suggest may give you heart palpations BUT...sometime when you are in the shower rub some on your legs before you shave...OMG!

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