Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The thing is, I took over 300 photos this past weekend and if you haven't already heard, I won the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom program in one of my sessions. I've spent most of the day learning how to use it and tweaking photos. Between that and catching up on the internets and scattered napping(yes, I'm still jet-lagged), actually writing a post has been on the back-burner. It doesn't help that I feel like I have a ton to say, but can't quite figure out where to start. Here's what I'm thinking...the photos that have been uploaded to flickr are here, and to start, here's a list of thank yous.

  • Thank you to my friend's Dad who took me to the airport. He was going anyway, but he didn't have to drop off a stranger at the Southwest check-in and I appreciate it.
  • Thank you security guy at Lambert Airport who had a sense of humor about the pocket knife that he found in my bag. I really did forget it was in there. I had thought about sticking it in my checked bag for all the walking I was going to be doing. I wish I had.
  • Thank you for the older gentleman at the SF airport who offered to catch me when my suitcase tried to pitch me onto his head.
  • Thank you to the staff of the hostel. I was a newbie and they were all kinds of helpful and answered all my questions.
  • Thank you to Whitney and Regan, who let me hang out with them all weekend.
  • Thank you to Dana for getting me into a swell party, the Nintendo people were super nice.
  • Thank you to the waitresses at Lori's Diner who let me hang out there and made me feel at home. ;)
  • Thank you to the guy at Walgreen's who asked me out. You are cute as can be and if I hadn't been so freaked out at everything, I would have taken you up on your offer. Though I wouldn't have moved to San Francisco for you, you were the first guy in a long time that I was even remotely interested in. Also, hugs from handsome men are always appreciated, I can't believe I didn't think to give you my card. I am a dumbass.
  • Thank you to the cable car driver who was freaking hilarious and the guy who stood and blocked me from the wind.
  • Thank you to the gentlemen who answered my questions about the bus routes.
  • Thank you to the woman that I was talking to a the Macy's party who told me that she would have never guessed I live in the midwest. (I can't remember your name, there was champagne involved.)
  • Thank you to the really nice gentleman who helped me get my suitcase down the stairs to the BART, when I realized that the escalators don't run at 4:30am.
  • Thank you to the other really nice gentleman that helped me get my suitcase onto the bus.
All of you people rock! And even though most of you will never read this, I'm sending all of you good thoughts and thank yous!

More BlogHer coming up!!

Update: I had my picture taken with the red stapler! You can find it here!


  1. Raquita said...
    I'm so glad you had a good time. I use lightroom too - its such an awesome program can't wait to see what you do with it!

    always give out the business card to hawt guys.. should be instant motion..
    "I'm hawt, your hawt.. heres my card.."
    regan said...
    Ha! You did us a favor by hanging out with us all weekend. Two people standing together = losers. Three people = a group, therefore not losers.
    jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...
    Well THANK YOU for hanging out with Meghan and I on the photowalk! Great meeting you!
    Anonymous said...
    This is the best post about BlogHer 08 I've seen. How rad are you for publishing a "thank you" post thanking ordinary, everyday people for their kindnesses? Not only that, this post totally tells a story that makes me want to know more about your trip.

    AWESOME job!
    Dana said...
    I'm glad you went with on the Nintendo cruise. Despite it being cold. And us getting slightly snockered and falling asleep on the boat.
    whitneybee said...
    Thank you for hanging out with us! I don't think we would have had nearly as much fun without you.

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