Thursday, July 24, 2008

More About Blogher

I'm going to share more about Blogher, but first I wanted to tell you a couple of things that happened since I came home.
My car is in fact totaled, I found out for sure a couple of days ago, so I'm trying to figure out how to live my everyday life without a car, something I've never had to do before. It's interesting how incredibly LONG it takes to get anywhere now. Ugh. Other than that, it's not so bad. I'm fixing up my bike so that I can take quick jaunts to Target and the grocery and if I start this new job soon, (fingers crossed) riding my bike to work will be possible. So, basically, I've suddenly become very green. ;)
The other thing I wanted to mention is a sort of epiphany that I had. That guy at Walgreen's really made an impression....I think I'd like to start dating again. I'm ready. Sort of. I'm sort of ready. I'm interested in being ready. Something like that. ;)

So, these are the things that I remember from the first night:

I arrived in San Francisco on the BART from the airport(thank you, thank you, thank you to Blogher for the specific instructions on how to get from the airport to the hotel!) and as I stepped off the escalator onto Powell Street, I looked up to see a giant mall and a giant Forever 21 (everything's bigger in SF! Like Texas! Only cool and humid!) The cable car line was right there, but I needed to find the hostel and I knew it would only be a short walk. I found the hostel with little trouble, checked in, and found my room, where I changed for the parties that night. Deep breath and walk to the Westin. Wandering around the lobby (helllloooo, did not fit in there AT ALL!), wearing my favorite Forever 21 dress, skinny jeans, and chucks, I spotted bloggers that I recognized in the bar, but couldn't tell if that was really a party or just where people were congregating. As I struggled to scrape up the courage to make a decision about where to go, I noticed two girls(women? females about my age?) wandering around too. Without even thinking about it, I went up and asked them if they had any idea where to go. They didn't either. We decided to go to the Newbie party and see if anyone knew where the People's party was located. Up we went in the tower elevator (where I saw Ali Martel! And freaked her out with the staring! because I wasn't completely certain it was her! I LOVE name badges!!!) got our badges from the Blogher peeps that we would need for the rest of the weekend and attempted to mingle. There were servers wandering around with fancy appetizers on fancy platters and I didn't recognize ANYONE. Dammit. After a few minutes standing there awkwardly, I spotted Kelley walking across the room. Ok, I know her. Sort of. Well, ok, I've met her. And we've spoken. So I should be able to just walk right up to her, right? I'm not sure if this was all said internally, or if it all just spilled out as I thought it, but after another deep breath, I walked over and acted like I should be there and should have no problem speaking to someone I barely know and well, of course she'll remember who I am, because I am just. that. fabulous. Kelley was her gracious, lovely self and told me how to get to the People's Party. I went back over, grabbed Whitney and Regan and dragged them downstairs to the other party. Here's where it gets fuzzy. There was drinking involved (tequila sunrise! yum!) and swag, and again standing about somewhat awkwardly, but easier with lubrication. I met the Bloggess in the bathroom, apparently before she started holding court in there. I had my picture taken with her in front of the urinals. (most of the men's rooms were renamed ladies, or something) Yes, she really is that funny in person. Times 10. LOVE HER. At some point, we went back upstairs to the Newbie party, muuuuch easier drunk. I was introduced to Stephanie, who works for Blogher. She gave me her card, and I OF COURSE shouted, "Oh my gawd, you're the crockpot lady?!! That's awesome!!" Because I am a dumbass. And there was TEQUILA! And it was FREE! She (Stephanie) was hilarious and I love her to pieces. She's the bestest. (She introduced me to another Missouri blogger. From Kansas City. Not realizing that they are hours apart. She apologized for her lack of geography knowledge. lol) And then I filled out a mommy survey to get a free flash drive. I'm not a mommy. They didn't know that. I hope I didn't ruin their survey. I don't remember what it was about. ;) I saw Crystal outside the People's party at one point and I wanted to go up to her, but she was talking to someone and I thought I would see her again. And then didn't. Boo. I introduced myself to Heather B. I don't remember what we talked about. I saw Megan for about 30 seconds, introduced myself, we agreed to talk later when she wasn't trying to host a kick ass party and....never saw her again. Boo. I got a swag bag....and a free tshirt and talked to many other people, but I'm still sorting through my cards. (Did anyone else think they had a ton of those things and then realized when they were laid out at home that you really didn't have that many? Just me?)(Also, I made them all into magnets. Cuz I am crafty. And a giant dork.) When I get it all sorted and have a chance to go visit everyone, I'll link to all of them in a post. Most of the people I met at Blogher, I had never read, which I think is great, but I can see that my Google reader will be less than thrilled. ;) More Blogher to come, feel free to tell me when you're tired of hearing about it, I won't care, but I encourage everyone to share their feelings. (ok, I'll care, but not enough to stop talking as any of my co-workers can now tell you lol)


  1. Angela said...
    Was it at the People's Party that I saw you? I swear, the weekend was so whirlwindy! By the way, I'm still totally grateful for your Community Keynote twitters!
    Ali said...
    you totally didn't freak me out, i swear!!! ;)
    Lara said...
    I'm sorry we didn't connect, Bri! I was a party pooper - totally overwhelmed. Maybe next year? Or maybe we can grab coffee when I come to visit in STL...I'll pick you up! :)
    Tempered Woman said...
    Most importantly hotstuff~ did you track down that urinal pic yet?!?!?!
    Jenny, the Bloggess said...
    You are fabulous and I'm so glad I got to meet you!

    I never got to meet Crystal either. I didn't even see her. Apparently she didn't have to pee while I was hiding in the bathroom.
    Jason said...
    Wow. It sounds like you had an incredible time!

    Any. . .um. . .disappointments?
    Bri said...
    Angela: No problem at all, hun, you did a great job!

    Ali: Whew!

    Lara: Yes! I'd love that!

    Tempered Woman: I keep looking, but no luck yet!

    Jason: Small things, really. Mostly not getting to everything I wanted to(like meeting Grover!). But, I know there's no way to get to all of it and I'm ok with it. Next year!

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