Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, it suddenly occurred to me that the Fall semester is only 2 weeks away and I don't have any pants that fit. Well, I didn't have any. I went on a little shopping spree at work. I've been gathering a few things here and there when something not to be missed was heavily discounted, but I needed some things that were student teacher appropriate and still me. And then, I took pictures, so I could share it all with you all. Yeah, I know, you're thrilled, aren't ya? But, here's the Blogher, everyone asks you what your blog is about, and other than saying it was about me, I didn't really have an answer. So. I'm going to try a few things here and there to see what sticks. I have tons of interests, but I have no idea if I want to talk about anything in particular or just flounder about as usual. I hope you will bear with me. ;) I'm going to try fashion first, so we'll talk about clothes today, cool?

First up is not teacher appropriate, but I fell in love with the design on what I thought was a shirt til I put it on. Holy cow! Need some leggings for when it gets cooler, but it will make a fun outfit for karaoke.

Next up is a shirt dress with a cute ruffled bottom, it needs a slip, but I know it will look adorable under a jacket, I have the perfect one....around here somewhere. ;)

Then, my cat decided to get in on the act. She just couldn't understand why I was standing by the door, but not going outside. Can I tell you how much I love this top? Comfortable, flattering, and $6.50! I bought two, but I think I'll probably buy all the other colors, too. Hmm, need some heels here, too.

I don't know what's up with that look on my face, but it probably had something to do with the cat. Damn crazy cat. She's staring at the door again.

Same shirt, in an olive green and a brown coat I quietly spirited off the clearance rack before a customer saw it.

The olive shirt again with skinny black cords and the cutest gray flannel vest. I love corderoy. It's unhealthy. I may have squealed when I opened the box with these babies in it. Please don't tell anyone. (I bought gray ones, too.)

Switched the vest out for a gray jacket
On special for $13.50. I was talking to one of the supervisors, and he was catching me up on all the special buys, in case a customer asks and when he said $13.50 jackets, I said, Where?! And why didn't you tell me sooner?!
So, there you go, not so much Naked this time as clothed, but you're still seeing more of the contents of my closet than you probably want or is healthy for any of us. ;)

(The photos were kinda grainy from the low light and, er, something that I should have done with the camera, so I amped up the grainy, which turned out pretty interesting.)


  1. Pajnstl said...
    your naked monday post are my favorite :)

    The first dress is soo cute. I like the shirt dress as well.

    The pants are a great fit on you.

    I need to get myself started on a fall wardrobe...
    sonrie said...
    cute clothes...very professional.

    i'll send you an email abt your comment on my posting
    Kendra said...
    I am absolutely drooling over the first 3 - those are awesome. That shirt dress? Kick-ass, lol.

    I feel the same as you. I'm always trying to think of something so my blog isn't ME all the time...but I never come up with anything. Maybe a joint-venture of some kind? Lol, Fashion Fridays. I laugh because well..I love fashion...but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. Good luck on coming up with something for you that sticks. BTW, Love Naked Mondays :).
    Anonymous said...
    I LOVE Naked can go So many different ways.. your favorites, fashion, shoes, photos, your body... Very fun.

    Question: Vests are back?? Fashion Fridays...that is a really good idea.
    Sarah said...
    i concur on the idea about fashion fridays!
    Bri said...
    Ok, Fashion Fridays it is! Please, please anyone who would like to play along, please do! Maybe I'll make one of those badges so we can all link to each other. Hmmm, I'll think about this....

    MP: Yes, vests are back. The ones I've seen are very man-like and fitted. I just really liked the fabric on this one.
    Jason said...
    You look like you're all set! I think you made some great choices.
    sort-of grown-up said...
    Excellent work on the fall outfits.

    Good job getting some different items in there, and not just wearing one of three basic outfits.

    Not that anyone does that here, or anything.
    Courtney Watson said...
    Wow- I love your choices! I am pick up pieces here and there and wish I would just buy a few that work together at once.

    The colors are making me wish for those "few" cool fall breezes and for the leaves to change colors in Tower Grove!

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