Friday, August 8, 2008

Did a little online shopping tonight and I'm bringing you some of my favorites. Men's wear and vintage feel seem to influence what I'm seeing so far and I must say, I LIKE! I picked up these little lovelies at Payless last week, they look great with the shirt dress from last week's Naked Monday post. Green Mary Janes with a stacked heel. Makes me want to dance to big band music. :) LOVE them! I love clothing inspired by 40's and 50's style. Red lipstick, full skirts and tailored shoes.

American Eagle Latte Mary Janes

If heels scare the bejesus out of you, try these fun flats. I don't think you have to worry about horizontal stripes on your feet, do you?

American Eagle Culprit Stripe (hee. reminds me of San Francisco!)

One more from Payless, the Men's wear inspired ankle boots. I'm in love with the button detail.

Madison Button Ankle Boot

Target has some great styles in too....

Xhilaration Sydney Mary Jane Pumps

I love these sweet turquoise pumps, which my neighborhood store was of course out of when I saw them. Well, they had 6's and 9's, but that doesn't do me any good. ;) If turquoise is a bit much for you, they come in a range of colors, including black and brown.

Mossimo Velda Patent Oxford Pumps (in Red!!)

One more, a pair of flats for you no heel wearing girls or guys, hell, what ever makes you happy.

Merona Micaela Moccasins

Cute, huh? Target and Payless are my go-to places for fashionable shoes that I can afford. I have a Carrie appetite on a Payless budget, which is how I've collected so many options in footwear. ;) So, which are your favorites? And what trend are you digging this fall?

Note: You can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to the site I found them on.


  1. Mocha said...
    You have fabulous taste in shoes. I love every single pair you chose. The red heels? Yowza. Don't waste those puppies - wear the hell out of them.

    The green flats are great, too! I used to hate flats until I tried on a pair and they're more flattering (pun?) than I anticipated.
    regan said...
    I bought and returned those Payless Mary Janes. They are super cute in person, but something about the fit really killed me once I got them home.

    And I drooled over those red Mary Janes from Target forever. As soon as they were in stores I went to try them on and they were a big no for me. The strap looks adjustable but isn't and it sat about an inch off of my foot, like it was just hovering around. I really hope that it was just me that they did these on because they are crazy cute.
    Pajnstl said...
    You have VERY good taste in shoes! I want all of them minus the flats (just b/c i have so many flats). I was oogling the grey ankle boots in Lucky
    Rachel said...
    Mossimo Velda Patent Oxford Pumps = Love.
    Anonymous said...
    I had a huge ass comment then it went away...Grrhhhh

    The entire point that I HAD was that when your feet feel good the rest of your body feels good.

    I don't wear a heal cause they make me fall and hurt my feet...some flats do too..the most painful pair of shoes I owned were a pair of New Balance tennis shoes.. but anywhoo... I buy every color in a shoe that I find comfortable. :-)
    Jason said...
    Girls are lucky. Way more shoe choices than guys.

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