Monday, August 11, 2008

I have a Naked Monday for you today, that I have to admit, may scare some of you. The ugly that I'm a slob. I'll admit it. I am incredibly absent minded and the more stressed I get, the messier my  apartment gets. I've been pretty stressed lately. The totaled car, school starting up again, my big trip, a change in regime at work, and waiting for a new job to start has put me on edge lately and my home suffers for it. Prepare yourself, people, here is my living room.


This was taken tonight, from the vantage point of my kitchen. What you can't see to the right is the door that leads downstairs and out, to the left is the TV. That's my couch that my best friend, Dan gave me when he joined the Army. It has a slipcover to protect it from my cat, the rest of it is the ugly blue plaid of those cushions. I've always intended to make some slipcovers for the cushions to match the curtains, but haven't gotten around to it. The  curtains in the background are from IKEA. I love them and would like to paint the walls the same color as the blue stripe, the bright colors and modern print make me happy. The coffee table in front is also from IKEA. The top is decoupaged with a world map, an idea I saw on the internet somewhere. The coffee table is covered in various papers, and most of my jewelry that never made it back to the bedroom after my trip. That's my laptop on the couch, which should be on the little desk right behind it, but the only chair that I have that works with the desk is quite hard and all the time I spend with the interwebs makes it too hard on the bum. ;) I can see the phone book I was using earlier, a couple of magazines, some books and the chocolate I bought in Ghirardelli Square. Under the throw blanket on the couch are some more books, yarn and probably some mail that should be opened. Scared yet? ;) I'm off work the next two days, maybe I'll have the energy to tackle this mess...or maybe not. ;) So, here's my question for you this week....are you a neat freak? A slob? Or somewhere in between?


  1. followthatdog said...
    That doesn't scare me. In fact, it just makes me like you more.
    Oza Meilleur said...

    I'm a neat freak who is currently losing control of the situation :-)

    As I've been working online pretty much every day for the past year, building a blog, doing the social networking thing -- which includes keeping up with Facebook and Twitter -- my "cleaning/tidying" time has been almost totally eliminated.

    Good thing is, since I spend all of my waking hours in front of the computer, in my home office, the rest of the flat isn't that messy. Except maybe for the kitchen. And the bathroom could use a little scrubbing here and there.

    Oh geez! I'm becoming a slob!

    I was supposed to do the Egg Timer Routine thing, yesterday. But didn't. You set the timer for 15 or 30 minutes, and you pick a chore and start doing it. When the timer goes off, you set it again and switch to another chore. This way, you don't get bored doing the same ol' thing. And put some good music on. Dance around a bit.

    Good plan?

    Your place looks cool.
    As long as there's no
    rotting food under the
    cushions, you'll be ok.

    Big hugs always,
    Mudd a.k.a. Oza
    Anonymous said...
    I am a complete slob, you should see my home I can't be a slob because my husband follows me around the house cleaning up after me.. is is my opposite.
    KBO said...
    You're totally enabling me. BUT, since I'm a lady bum, my house is actually clean right now. Otherwise I'd be a total piece of crap.
    Gregg said...
    Well, the older I've gotten, the more of a neat freak I've become.

    Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, I am saddled with the aftermath of my hoarding, slob-ish days!

    Unfortunately, since I have a neurosis (self-diagnosed, though I have a psychologist friend that would no doubt verify my analysis if only she knew!) where I attach meaning, sentiment, and memories to any physical object I own...I have a VERY hard time getting rid of stuff.

    To make it worse, I was still a hoarding slob when my daughters were born (we just weren't out of space, yet) so now I have baby memories attached to the stuff.

    I need serious help!

    You are not alone.
    Pajnstl said...
    your curtains are sooo cute! Did you buy them online?

    And get rid of that Box fan! lol
    Plunger Girl said...
    I love that you posted that picture. Different from all those bloggers who have the perfect, beautiful, clean-as-a-whistle homes, and are dying to show it off.

    You rule!
    Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...
    Not scary at all. In fact, it makes me feel not so bad. I just assumed everyone in the world was neat and I was not.
    Bri said...
    HA! I'm not alone! Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for enabling me to continue being lazy! ;)

    pajnstl: I bought them in one of the Chicago stores, I think they are still available in the current catalog, but their shipping prices are not exactly cheap. I have seen people selling new IKEA items on ebay for reasonable shipping rates, that's worth a try! If I get a chance to go to one of the stores, I always stock up (the 2 panels were only $30 and are made of a nice, thick fabric)

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