Friday, September 12, 2008

If you read my post last Friday, you may remember that I said I will be writing for the lovely ladies at Blissfully Domestic (and, really, I still can't type that without snorting). The site had been up and running all week and I've been meaning to write a post here pimping the site and me writing there because I have had a chance to check out not only some of the other women on the photography channel, Photo Bliss, but all the other women who write there and all the truly interesting ideas I've run across (including a truly amazing-looking sugar cookie recipe that I'm dying to try...well hell, at least I SOUND domestic) but I guess I was afraid to say anything for sure until there was something that I could point to and say, "See, I wrote that!", because, you know, what if they changed their mind or decided to vote me off the island or something because my photos weren't as nice as theirs and then it was all oy, the humanity, I'm inadequate!! (And Hello run-on sentence!! Say all that without taking a breath, why don't ya!!) Neurotic much? ((rolling my eyes))

But!! And then!! There was an email in my box tonight from Lotus of Sarcastic Mom saying that one of my posts was going live tomorrow (today, since it's 2am!!)and since Lotus wouldn't lie to me (you wouldn't do that, would you, Lotus? No, she wouldn't.), I'm now letting YOU know so that you can take your happy ass over there and read it. And then bookmark our channel Photo Bliss, cuz I have and I'm already learning tons of things I didn't know. When the post goes live, I'll add a link here, but until then, you can check out our channel by clicking on the button below.

photo bliss

From now on, I'll put the links to my posts in the side bar with the buttons and pimp it up on twitter. Things here on the blog should go back to normal soon and there's still time to suggest a post for Naked Mondays, I'd like to have a pool of ideas to choose from! So don't be shy, but don't be a perv, k? ;)

Just for fun, here's a photo I took in my front yard of some mushrooms that we get every year.


The post went live this can find it here:


  1. Anonymous said...
    I don't see you on that site.. :-(
    Help me...

    Love the mushrooms
    Melody said...
    I had never heard of that site before your blog :) I like it though! Congrats to you!
    Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...
    No! I would never, ever lie to you!

    Unless the lie gained me some chocolate or something.

    Then, maybe.

    But usually, never! ;-P

    We're very glad to have you at Photo Bliss! :-D

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