Monday, September 15, 2008

I still like the kitchen idea and was going to write about it this week, but something sort of fell into my lap.

You may remember that I talked about deciding to date again when I got back from San Francisco. Well, one night when I was sitting in front of the computer unable to sleep, I decided to be a little more proactive than asking my work friends if they have any available brothers and signed up for And then, of course my browser froze halfway through writing my profile. Ugh! Talking about myself! So hard!! Wait.. ;)

Sooo, I forgot about it for awhile and then I went out with my friend J Saturday night to a local bar and whew! The pickins' they are slim!! Ok, there was one cute guy but then when I was walking out to my car he said something really inappropriate about a part of my anatomy that I won't be repeating here. And, really, it's not like I'm that picky, attraction and some mutual interests, that's it. I'm not a high maintenance kind of girl and I don't like the high maintenance Abercrombie sort of guy. So, yeah, I was sort of disappointed in my options. And I decided to give Match a real try, thinking, frankly, that little would come of it. I finished the profile and uploaded a picture before going to bed last night.

And then when I logged on to Hotmail today, I had 4 emails. Wha? Then, of course, I panic, because Ahhh! what am I supposed to do with THIS!? A couple of guys I found interesting and emailed them back, now we just wait to see what happens. Fascinating, isn't it? ;)

My biggest problem is I'm not sure what the etiquette is here, do you email back everyone who contacts you, or just the ones you are interested in from looking at their profile? And then, how do you choose which profiles to be interested in? I mean, I'm the girl who dated the guy who didn't know he was gay and who's last boyfriend wanted to get married then panicked and is now dating a 22 year old because there's no future in it!! I really know how to pick em, is what I'm saying. ;) (hmm, may have forgotten to tell you about that one)

I did put on the profile that I write on the internet, though not where, but, really, if they're interested I won't be hard to find. I did want them to know that up front, because though I won't be talking any specifics here, I'm sure there will be plenty of blog fodder to be had and I wouldn't want anyone to be blindsided if I mention our date. ;) I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about cuz dating is a crap shoot, and sure to be humorous where I'm concerned. Stay tuned to watch the drama unfold!! lol


A couple of small things before I wrap this other best friend, Sarah, got a big promotion tonight, I just wanted to congratulate her....and please join me this weekend here, the St. Louis Interactive Conference. The St. Louis Bloggers Guild put this together and I'm really excited. If you are a St. Louis blogger or just a local music lover, please come. It's $15 for the whole event and should be tons of fun!


  1. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...
    I don't respond to everyone. Some aren't worth a reply. :) I reply to those who I find interesting and would like to get to know more about. I think I have several unopened emails in match and a slew of winks that i neeed to get in there and delete. But quite honestly, I think I need to just cancel my membership. I seem to have hit the wall in which I am too picky for online dating.

    If you want another dating site that's free, try but be warned. Since it's free, I can't begin to warn you about the nutsos that you'll have to weed through... :D

    good luck!
    Anonymous said...
    Good luck with the I do know a few really good couples that found each other online.

    I'm hoping to get to the STL Interactive on Saturday. Do you know if I can just buy the wristband when I get there? I assume so at one of the stores/venues? (did not get organized enough to get one in advance)
    Sarah said...
    thanks for the congrats hun!muah! luv ya!
    Bri said...
    Kacey- If you follow the link there is another link at the bottom of the page that takes you to a list of wristband vendors or where you can buy online. (I think most of the stores on the loop are selling them!)
    Anonymous said...
    I think you only need to contact the ones you are interested in. My friend had good longterm bfriend..we're talking like 2 years.. All were nice/decent people, no wackos.
    I can't wait to hear about the adventures.

    This weekend #1..I'm working until 5pm on Friday then we have Drew through Sunday.. little man and I have a date for Friday night..daddy is going to let us play our Viva Pinata Game, go to Applebees..then Saturday we're going to Six Flags.. I would have loved to have gone to the event. Tell everyone how cool I am in real life.. :-P

    ps..we need to get together for dinner soon..did you read The Eight?
    Anonymous said...
    i really want to get to the loop this weekend. i'll probably get to the mama blog and photog sessions. i doubt you go to the mommy one, but are you going to the photog session? i'll be there with baby in tow.

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