Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Every social situation I get this question,.... make a new friend, getting to know a romantic interest, small talk at a party, it always comes up....

T and I went to a concert last week for one of his favorite groups at the Lucas School House. Loved the venue, loved the band, if the weather had been a little more cooperative, it would have been the perfect night. After the show, when everyone was mingling, one of T's friends inevitably asked me about my music taste. I HATE HATE HATE this question because try as I might, I can not adequately answer. There IS no easy answer here, at least not for me. I really do like just about everything. It would be easier to make a list of music I DON'T like.

My home as a child was always full of music. Though none of us had any particular musical talent, we were always singing and bopping about uncoordinatedly to whatever album my mom was currently obsessed with. There is a particular video of my sister and I dancing around the dining room in our ballet leotards to Kids Incorporated that I won't be showing to anyone. Ever. (Remember them? Bwahahaha!)

This is from the 85/86 season, which is the one I think I watched, at least these kids look vaguely familiar. The Martika girl had an album which I MIGHT still have...somewhere. lol

Ahhh, memories! ;)

So, anyway, musical taste! After thinking about it for a few days, if I had to pick one thing to say it would be that I am drawn to female singer/songwriters. There, post done.

Just kidding. Clarify that statement, you say? Well, of course, I've been cruising youtube, and here are some of my favorites....

Brandi Carlile

Brandi sings from the gut. She just grabs my insides, rips them out and then very sweetly pats them back into place. There's another of her songs from The Story album called Late Morning Lullaby that really speaks to me, but I couldn't find an official video. :( Sadly, my album was stolen along with my car stereo last winter, and I haven't gotten around to replacing it. Bastard car stereo thieves messing with my music!

Ingrid Michaelson, who I've mentioned before, is also a particular favorite. She and Sara Bareilles (another talented songwriter) have teamed up for this song on a new album of Christmas/winter songs, which I am eagerly anticipating.

Sara has a single out now called Bottle It Up that I'm really enjoying and this next one is my favorite Ingrid song...

A Fine Frenzy

Ali has a sort of otherworldy beauty that comes across in her haunting melodies. She also has a way of cutting right down to the truth of a matter while still sounding sweet and innocent that I find inspiring. ;) One of my favorites is a song called The Minnow and the Trout, which , of course, doesn't have a true video.

Sarah McLachlan has been on my music list since high school. This one is from that time, a song she wrote with the help of a stalker's letters.

I think I have all her albums but the most recent one...

Bonnie Raitt is another old favorite that always makes for good karaoke. :)

These are just a handful of the women on heavy rotation on my zune and the only things they have in common are being female and writing their own songs...I ran out of patience before I got to Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne, or Gwen Stefani.

And then every once in a while, I throw in something like this...

Eclectic is putting it mildly. ;)


  1. Nathan said...
    Okay, I couldn't stop watching the last video and I had to buy the song on iTunes. I feel like I should be embarrassed about this or something.
    Kait said...
    Who was playing at Lucas School House? I've only ever seen Madahoochi there but I know that other bands play.
    Bri said...
    They're called the Infamous Stringdusters, a bluegrass band. They're all young, fun guys you should check them out.
    Anonymous said...
    That MIA song is on my iPod..I love that, also Chairlift..you ever here Bruises..Apple ended up using it on their new commercial.
    I'm w/ you Bri, I like SO many different types of music.. it's easier to say..what I don't like..like Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews..thanks, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.
    Dan said...
    Ok, I'm not leaving a comment for this one. I'm leaving a comment for the Naked Mondays #33. I am prolly your best guy friend and I have never commented before, but I felt an urgent need to leave a comment on this one. When I read it, my eyes almost swelled up. Not because of the shitty boyfriend part cuz I was there with ya for that one. Not even for the pregnant part cuz I was there with you on that one too. But the fact that you got that shitfaced without me!!!! You know how I love watching you get drunk and makin fun of you. I guess I will live though. I hope you're doing good babe and I will be seeing you in a few months I guess. Anyways, I will talk to ya later.

    -Dan (the ass)

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