Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7:59 Ok, here we go, here begins my first attempt at a live blog.
I'm sure it will suck ;)
recap, recap, recap

erm, where the hell is this?
why hellllooo des! ;)
Penny's having a baby? All this flashing about is confusing.
I'm really craving cookies right now, which has nothing to do with LOST and everything to do with me being hormonal.

Ah, back on the island.

Red is in trouble. (can't remember her name)

they are trying to meet up with everyone who survived at the creek

The dharma project, I presume? Holy hell, how do they know daniel?


LOST theme....and commercial
Des and Penny again...they're arguing about him going back to Oxford

Hmm, so who planted the land mines, if the dharma people didn't?

Wait, they're other?! New others, or old others? I truly suck at this. ;)

Miles walked across a grave with US soldiers in it on the way to the others camp and I'm still trying to figure out WHEN it is. Dude, what the hell is Daniel up to? Richard just asked him if he would like his bomb back....I'm thinking no.
Aaaand des again at oxford, wearing a man scarf. I LIKE. There's no record of Faraday, but then who knows WHEN he was there really.

Oatmeal creme pies are AWESOME

Oxford would like to pretend that Faraday was never there. WHAT GIRL?!

Back to the Others camp
holy crap, who would leave a hydrogen bomb on the island?

Juliet tried to reason with the others they had captured but the 2nd other broke his neck to stop him from talking to her. That's just not right.

Locke needs to get a grip. (sigh)

Also, awww Daniel declared his love for Red. (Damnit! why can't I remember her name!?)

Des is walking down a street, trying to find an address....looking for Teresa Spencer...who is in a veg state. Widmore is paying for her upkeep. That's fucking creepy.

Daniel, Miles, and Red discuss the bomb and Red tries to let Daniel off the hook for what he said. He assures her he meant it. Richard explains the situation. Cocky little creep, isn't he? Not Richard, the other that killed his comrade. Locke wants to have a chat with Richard and Sawyer thinks he's crazy. Which he is. Duh. I love Sawyer, seriously.

Daniel is in WAY over his head.

Fuck. That is a big bomb. WHEN ARE THEY!!???

I can't believe people are reading this in real time.

I may be showing my ignorance, but are hydrogen bombs supposed to be that big?

It's leaking

scary OK, I get it now

They were 50 years ago. That big, I mean. That feels like some sort of opening to a joke.

Des busts in on Widmore. Looking for answers, Des? Somehow I don't think he'll be very cooperative. Daniel's mum is in LA. Widmore wants to know if Penny is ok, which would be sweet, but probably isn't.

Crap, what did he just say? I missed it.
I love DVRs. Best invention EVAH.
Ok, Widmore told him to go back to whereever he'd been hiding. Not bad assvice, really, but I doubt he'll listen.

Locke walks into the Other camp and introduces himself to Richard, tells him that Jacob sent him.
OMFG the cocky little shit is WIDMORE!!!!

That is AWESOME!! And I have NO IDEA what that means but I DID NOT see that coming! Did you?!

Penny and Des, together again. Now he just has to explain what he found out. Oooh he's lying!!
She knows, that's awesome. He admits that Daniel's mum is in LA. He just wants to forget the whole thing. (Awww, Charlie!? Tears and sniffles here.)

They're all going to LA to find Mum.

Richard and Locke are having a heart to heart. He doesn't get the info he needs, though before the island flashes again. Oh CHARLOTTE!! Why is that so hard to remember?

Oh damn that is not good.


So what did you think? Do I suck at this or what? ;)


  1. ashleigh: said...
    THANK YOU. i do not have DVR and i missed the little guy saying who he is so i searched for a liveblog. bless you.

    Nathan said...
    Hmmmm... I liked the live blog, but I'm still confused.

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