Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Live Blog LOST:316

Starting a bit late....
Jack wakes up on his back in the jungle, mirroring the 1st episode

after a few moments, he and we can hear Hurley shouting for help

Jack runs thru the jungle to a waterfall and finds Hurley treading water in a pool, holding some sort of case

Jack jumps in and helps Hurley only to see Kate on the side of the pool, unconscious

oh, she's fine

not sure whether to relieved or annoyed...wait...did I say that out loud?


46 hours earlier

where we left off last week with faraday's creepy mummy

she leads them into a basement, with a door and more ancient computers like the islands

the Lampost station allowed them to find the island

a map on the floor with a creepy giant pendulum

the island is apparently ALWAYS moving, which is why it is so hard to find and so hard to leave

they basically locate a window in time and space, where the island is SUPPOSED to be

she finds them a plane flying directly over the window, the space where the island will be at that time

my head hurts ;)

creepy lady has further plans for Jack...oh lovely

ooooh, she has a letter!

Locke's suicide note?!

that makes no sense! Give something to Locke that belonged to Jack's father? I don't get it.

Leap of faith my ass
more like being beaten by the expectations of faith
freaking weird

oh gag me and save me from Ben's ridiculous lectures that serve no one but him

so Jack has a decision to make....but he gets a phone call

about someone in a nursing home......who? Am i supposed to ...oh, his grandad?

have we seen him before?

Grandad is an escape artist and he has a packed suitcase with Jack's father's shoes in the bottom of it...duh duh DUH!

Jack takes the shoes and goes home to...pour a drink, nothing like being predictable Jack.

Someone is already there, in his bed.

It's kate and she looks like shit

Where's Aaron?

Kate doesn't want to talk about Aaron, but she's going with him.....but first she wants to get it on


Ahhh, it's like retarded domestic bliss! Awk-WARD!!

Kate is making no sense right now

ooooh, someone beat the crap out of Ben, LOVING that!

Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap laptop decided to die on me!!!

I'm back but I missed a bunch

Ok, someone explain to me why Jack is the only one who isn't sqirrelly??

And, yes, I'm a little weirded out by the disappearance of Aaron and the way Kate is acting. I just can't see her leaving him, and she looks like someone close to her died, yet Jack keeps smiling at her like he doesn't notice.

So, this is where we are, the only people missing from the helicopter are Aaron and Desmond, but we've added Locke, Jack's Dad's shoes, and Ben.

Jack gets his letter back and he's resisting the urge to read it

Ben is such an asshole

We're waiting Jack, get on with it.

Oh, for fuck's sake! "I wish you had believed me."?!!? Are you serious?!

Here we go, the turbulance starts and the island takes them back

I love when the episodes fold back on themselves

ok, that's 3, where is everyone else?

Um, ok. Wha?

Oh, yay, it's Jin!!


Next week, we find out what happened to Locke.

Can't wait!


  1. Nathan said...
    Personally, I don't think the pendulum is creepy. I'd kind of like one of my own.
    Bri said...
    For someone like me, that's just an accident waiting to happen. I kept cringing, thinking it was going to hit Desmond as he stalked about.
    Courtney said...
    Aargh! Where is Aaron? WTF??

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