Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp Jeep '04

Ok, this is where I start to reminisce about all the vacations taken before.... I am still finding things in boxes and I found ONE of the photo discs that I was looking welcome to 2004, which is the only one available. This is one of the Camp Jeep vacations, which also includes Washington D.C. , Mount Vernon, and Monticello since it was in Virginia that year. Along for the ride (actually I was along for the ride, which means this vacation was free!) or the cast of characters included Me, Mom, Dad and my brother Jared.

Washington Monument

This is our first day, right out of the metro station onto the Mall (which frankly confused the crap out of me, saying and using this term)....there was construction everyfreakingwhere, so we didn't actually get to go in to the monument...but it was neat to look at....

World War II Monument
These are some pics of the WWII monument that I took, it was really too big to get in one shot and there were so many details to look at...I thought the whole thing was beautiful and...uplifting.

These are some of the more "artistic" pics from the same place...I loved all the kids playing in the fountains, I would have loved to take more pics like that, but this was back when I was afraid of taking pictures of people that I'm not related to...I've gotten over that, but I still try to do it without the subject of the photo being aware. (I think you get better pictures that, even adults often have this fake smile that they only bring out when people are looking...I hate that smile.) By the way, all of these photos and more that wouldn't fit, can be found on can click on the shortcut on the right side of this page...should take you right to my photos.

More pics later.....


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