Thursday, August 9, 2007

These pictures were taken a couple of weekends ago. My mom had some tickets to a Cardinals game and they invited me along. I decided to take the Metrolink to the game rather than try to park downtown...hmmm $4 and free parking or $12 parking downtown...I just don't know. :)

On my way to the Metrolink.....this is one of my favorite things about living in the city....seeing the skyline in the background everyday...sure beats cows and if there were mountains or an ocean...that would be better...this will do for now. (you can see the street signs in the pic, but I'm already not near my house, so no worries about stalkers, at least not in real life...the a whole 'nother story)

All the people wearing red...and me I couldn't even find a plain red shirt. Where did the Cardinals gear go? I have is so sad. (outside the stadium, waiting for my parents to get off the metrolink from the Illinois side.

Hmmm Where are they? Not getting off the Metrolink.....

Nope...not coming from this way, either. (At this point a very nice older lady sat down next to me and we had a very nice chat about how helpful the police stations in our fair city our to visitors...I don't know...this is why I don't make eye contact with strangers...for every grandmotherly type who just wants to talk for a moment and move on, I get some weirdo trying to sell me something or get in my pants. This pied piper thing I inherited from my mother, someone is always wanting to tell us their life story, it's very strange.)

From inside the new Busch stadium, which is something I really like about the new stadium. It feels very open...except for the seats...I'm glad that I sat between my parents because I get freaked out if I have to be really close to strangers for very long. Thankfully we were under an overhang and didn't have to sit in the blazing sun.

OK, see the guy walking in front? This was my first indication that the Ocean Pacific, pastel plaid thing that was so hideous in the 80's was back again. First of all, what would possess a man to wear pastel, patchwork shorts to a baseball game? Second, what would make him think that he should wear them with red? Gag!

LaRussa, the Cardinals' manager, objected to a call that the umpire made and they started to dance. My mom remarked that even though it does nothing, he makes for some good drama. I think the fans agree.....

.....practically the entire stadium stood up to watch it unfold.

In the very last second, bottom of the ninth, we won the game! Woohoo! What an awesome game. After, we went to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Yum! Other than the oppressive heat, it was a great day.


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