Saturday, August 11, 2007

A St. Louis staple

I just ordered my first pizza delivery in the new apartment. Why is this blog worthy? Normally it wouldn't be, but the pizza I ordered is a pizza that you can only find here in St. Louis. Imo's, the square beyond compare. Yum! The secret is the provel cheese, which as a cheese lover, is my very favorite part. Imo's added a hand-tossed crust a few years ago, but the best is still the thin crust with your favorite toppings, covered in gooey cheese. While some would like to debate New York vs. Chicago style, I'll take St. Louis style any day.

So, so good!!


  1. Mrs. Chicky said...
    That looks sooo good. Thanks, now I'm hungry. Sheesh.
    TheBray said...
    You know I for one whole heartedly agree with you... it is the square beyond compare!
    Subservient No More said...
    That looks pretty good. I think when it's cut into squares you naturally end up eating less, which is a good thing. I'll have to look up provel cheese. I never heard of it.

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