Tuesday, August 14, 2007

...not really. Moving on.

um...I was trying to clean and do laundry this weekend in between bouts of naps brought on by the extreme heat and one social engagement saturday night. I emptied a laundry basket and within moments Angel was sitting in it staring at me, probably waiting for my next trick.

I had actually called her name to get her attention, she doesn't usually look this startled like I'd caught her doing something wrong, like trying to eat my chocolate chip cookies. "No, Angel! Chocolate is not for kitties!!!" Yeah, that's my excuse, it has nothing to do with being selfish and not wanting to share. Am I a cold hearted bitch because I can look at this face and still say no?

This is what she was doing before I got her attention...she and the dog that lives in the apartment next to us have a mutual fascination for each other. We don't share a wall, but all of the residents share a stairwell in the back of the building that opens into the backyard and goes down to the basement. So, every time Chloe and her person go outside, Chloe stops at my door and sniffs, and Angel stops what she is doing to stare wide-eyed at the door. No barking or hissing, just checking each other out several times a day. Weird-ass animals.

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  1. Damselfly said...
    What a cute kitty! How funny that she likes chocolate. My cats hardly eat the cat food!

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