Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That's just nasty and wrong, but it's August...eh...whatcha gonna do? With my current vehicle having a busted a/c, (wtf? it's 3 years old!) I have been driving the 3o+ minutes home from work in 100+ degree temperatures for the last week and a half. I decided today that the Metrolink was a better idea. I drove the 3 miles to the nearest station and got on a west bound train. This should have been the end of the story, but I apparently left my brain at home this morning, 'cuz I forgot about the split that occurs at the Forest Park station and realized after it was too late that I was heading in the wrong direction. I got off the train at the very next station and waited for the next train going east, got on that train, and then back off at the Forest Park station where I watched a woman get on a west bound train with a suitcase and hoped that she knew that one wouldn't take her to the airport. I wish now I had said something. Ah well.

I took this picture while waiting for the right train at the Forest Park station. Neat, huh? I did eventually make it to work and now I know what I'm doing....so that's something....


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