Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Family Photos

I was unpacking this weekend (yes, I'm still doing that) and came across some old photos of myself that were kinda fun, so think of this entry as show and tell.

That's me in the middle, my senior year in high god, look at all that hair! Yes, I was a scrawny little thing, and no, I'm not anymore. I wore that sweater practically every day until it disinigrated in protest.

From left to right is my cousin, Greg, my sister, Sarah, my Dad, and me in yellow. We spent most of our summers at Rend Lake when I was a kid, I shudder to think of all the lake water I swallowed when my Dad tried to teach me to waterski.

This one isn't of me, but I did take it. It's my nephew, Hayden, at about 2 months. He was such a great subject and made all kinds of funny faces for me.

This one is me, my brother, Jared, and our Dad at Niagara Falls. We look like stairsteps..if my Mom weren't taking the picture she would have to stand to the right of me...I got the tall genes. As soon as I find the rest of the pics from this vacation, I'll post them for the "reminiscing about when I had the money to take vacations" part of this blog which I have been sadly neglecting so far.

This is me...I'm one. I was actually blonde originally, but it went away in grade school...the chubby thighs...didn't.

This is my kindergarten photo, one of the last cute school photos. I had a really loooonnng awkward period.

This is me and my brother, Jared at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. I was in high school when this photo was taken, but I'm not sure on the year. We went to this theme park several summers. I'm still this much of a dork, maybe worse.

Dorkiness runs in the family..that's my brother, Jared at Niagara Falls again. We were on the Maid in the Mist boat, the blue ponchos were supposed to keep you relatively dry, but I think they make quite the fashion statement. I'm sure Jared agrees with me.

This was in high school again, my senior year...also at another theme park..Six Flags St. Louis this time. That's my old buddy was raining, so this is how we entertained ourselves. Gah, again with all the hair and the eyebrows. Would you believe that I put off taking care of that until I was 27?

One last one for the night, this was taken in Texas on a church trip when I briefly flirted with organized religion. (And apparently both of these guys.) That's Travis again and on the other side is Billy, both of whom are happily married. (still with the hair and in this photo you can tell that I had no boobs)


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