Saturday, September 8, 2007

School has started, and my internet at home is giving me, the only time I have to blog is at work...and I just haven't felt like it. Lots going on, but as soon as I sit down to the computer...I've got nothing. I keep taking notes about funny things that happened on the Metro,'s what I've been dealing with......

...and no...I saved the picture upright but for some reason it won't load that way. This is the state of my heels. I found these giant-ass bandaids in the first-aid kit at work. For some reason, every pair of shoes I've worn lately have torn the fuck out of my heels. It's not pretty; blood and blisters. With riding the metro, I walk too much for that to fly. My chucks have to be replaced, which makes me want to cry. I have completely worn out the heels of them and even with socks, they tear up my feet. I think I might but two pair, another black one and maybe red, or green, I haven't decided. Speaking of shoes, my black heels, the go to shoe for every girl, have fallen apart, too. I have a wedding to attend next weekend, so heels are a must. I'm going to try Sarah Jessica Parker's new line, Bitten, this afternoon and see if I can find some that I can't live without.
I was going to work on a homework assignment this afternoon, and instead I'm blogging, so I'll sign off for now.


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