Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last week, I noticed that a house down the street has their xmas lights up. Wow, they must really like xmas. ambivelant about the whole thing. I like giving gifts. I like the lights and the decorating. I like the food. I REALLY like the food.

My sister and I were discussing gifts for the parents, we decided to get them a DVR through dish network. This way, when my dad says repeatedly, "What did they say?" my mom can do the instant replay thing and he can hear it again. Even better, my sister and I will stop getting yelled at for calling during Survivor. And no more will we have to go to dinner early so that they can be home in time to watch it. We siblings will program it for them and show them how to use the remote and after about 5 minutes of, "Technology, bah! What do I need this for?" they'll be calling us to ask if we knew that it would record ALL episodes of Survivor, even if it's on another channel! (I love my parents, I really do, they are the biggest dorks.)


  1. Rachel said...
    I think there should be a law that people can't celebrate December before December.

    A DVR is a good gift idea. Hmmm.
    Nicole said...
    My Mom still gets mad if I call during one of her shows even though they have DVR... I think she just likes to be irritated with me. But that is a good gift idea... perhaps for my fiancee so I can enjoy it too!
    Kendra said...
    OMG, that is completely my mom. Do NOT call her during survivor..rofl. (same when it comes to technology too :))

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