Saturday, November 17, 2007

More linkage

I've already told you about the Pioneer Woman and Dooce, now let me introduce you to three more amazing ladies that you may not have found yourself......

First up is Crazy Aunt Purl, the knitter, and one of the crazy cat ladies I like to visit. She started her blog after going through a nasty divorce and taking up knitting. She's a southern woman living in Los Angeles and she's just one of the most honest writers I've ever come across. She inspired me to take up knitting this winter and I made the appointment for my first lesson this friday. She has been on a tour for her first book the past couple of months, which I loved. She's hilarious, go visit, you won't be disappointed.

Next is Bitchypoo, who really IS the crazy cat lady. She fosters kittens for a local shelter and has a bunch of cats of her own, so there are always funny pictures of cats to look at, if that's your thing. (It happens to be mine.) She's also funny and sarcastic and always manages to somehow make her life seem more interesting than it probably is.

Last one for today is Wide Lawns, who lives in South Florida, and has had a truly amazing and sometimes tragic life. Crazy things seem to happen around her all the time, and she had the pleasure of meeting Crazy Aunt Purl when she came to Miami. Here, she describes it best...."Yeah I know, everyone's family is crazy. But yours doesn't need a flow chart to explain and it doesn't blend convicted felons, watermelon salesmen, Baptist missionaries and orthodox Jews. You didn't move 29 times and go to 8 different high schools and your sister isn't really your aunt. Lastly, you didn't have a monkey. I survived all of this and now I live in South Florida around a bunch of lunatics in a place where (like Hemingway said) the lawns are wide and the minds are narrow." She tells great stories, stop by and say hello.

That's all for now...see you tomorrow.


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