Thursday, November 29, 2007

Next on the agenda? Breakfast. The three of us went to the McDonalds in mid-town and sat down inside to eat before my sister left us to go to work. Across the street is the Walgreens and there were people lined up in the parking lot for....something. After breakfast, my mom and I went back to her house to unload our finds and make room for more. Then, we met up with the rest of the girls. This is the part that makes the whole thing worth it. All gathered together, we drive to Fairview Heights, home of the closest big mall. All the available women from my mom's side of the family go together, shopping, chatting, eating...we have a great time.

There was the year that my cousin Mallory got her ears pierced for the first time. She was fine until her mom also pierced hers, and Mallory passed right out in front of Claire's. We all stared at her for a couple of long seconds and someone said, "Mallory, honey, that's not funny." We still laugh about it now, the poor kid. I've never seen anyone pass out like that, she landed flat on her back.

There was the year my mom dared me to have a mixed drink at lunch. Mallory and her friend watched me wide-eyed the whole time, to see what would happen, I guess. By the end of the lunch, I was throwing french fries at them.

I can understand why you would want to stay home on this day that brings out the crazy in many people, but tradition in my family includes bargains, chatting, and no boys allowed.

(Only 1 more day!!!!)

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  1. Kendra said...
    Sounds like the best time ever. I'm up for adoption, you

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