Monday, December 10, 2007

Last week, I was explaining to the piercing guy at my local tattoo parlor why I would not be getting my tongue pierced as my friend had. You see, I have a freakishly strong gag reflex and the idea of having a metal rod constantly touching my tongue makes me want to gag. He stood there in stunned silence for a moment as I worried that I had overshared with this total stranger, only to say, "Well. You'd never make it in Hollywood, would you?" No, piercing guy, I would not. SNORT!


  1. Don Mills Diva said...
    Cute post. I'm with ya - tongue piercings FREAK me out even though my best friend has one.
    cadiz12 said...
    everyone i know with a tongue piercing clacked their hardware against their teeth all day long.
    Rachel said...

    I wouldn't be worried about my gag reflex, but I would constantly cringing at the idea of something metal hitting against my front teeth.
    Kendra said...
    Oh you are too funny!!

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