Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I like purses and I like shoes......ok I REALLY like shoes. I would say it's genetic, but my mom is all about comfort with shoes and probably only owns 10 pairs and wears maybe 4 of them. I haven't counted in a while, but I probably own about 40-50 pairs, more if you count flip-flops.
But, today, this is about purses, which I like, and own quite a few of. I don't own any designer purses, and until today, I didn't see the attraction. I was perfectly happy with the Target knock-offs and had never spent more than $30 on a bag. While other women I knew were drooling over bags with a designer label, I was quietly gloating over my good sense and rolling my eyes at the idea of buying anything just for a name, but tonight I saw this......

I couldn't find it on the website, so I took a pic of the ad with my cellphone. It's by Prada, and it's quite possibly the coolest purse I've ever seen. How embarrassing. :)

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  1. MP said...
    I never had designer bags..well unless you could the Liz Claiborne purses in the 80's..and then I got 2 D&B's as gifts..and I went to a purse auction at my stepsons school. I get more attention from my Tommy Hilfiger bag and my leather D&'s crazy! I'm sure I will use them for years.
    How much is the Prada bag??
    Gal at the office..her "baby daddy" doesn't pay child support but he gets her thousand dollar bags and sunglasses..I am NOT kidding.
    I do NOT spend money on designer shoes..unless you count the Sketchers I own LOL.. Shoes only last 1 or 2 years..I can buy those at Target..

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