Saturday, February 23, 2008

Camp Jeep: Part 1

MP left the first comment on my travel entry, so I'll start with Camp Jeep. Enjoy!

Imagine spending three days in a family friendly environment, with an endless number of things to do and see and learn.

Imagine a county fair of sorts where you have an instant connection with everyone you meet. There are no strangers here because you all have something fundamental in common. You love your Jeep.

An outdoor conference of Jeep enthusiasts, Camp Jeep is an owner event that takes place every year in various parts of the country. We drive hours from all over to get together and play in the dirt.

The parking lots are covered in Jeeps young and old tricked out to within an inch of their lives....

....and every owner is eager to test what their baby is made of on the trails.

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  1. MP said...
    TOO FUN! I'm a Jeep owner! I didn't know that something like that exsisted. Of course I woudldn't get out on the trails w/ my baby.

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