Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Since I missed Monday, you get two for the price of one.
These are my feet and, ok eww, they sort of smell since I took my socks off to take this picture.
They are a size 8, but I think they look bigger since they are long and narrow, sort of like skis. I actually kind of like feet, which apparently puts me in the minority. I have a friend that is so freaked out by feet, I like to randomly touch her with them or threaten to, whatever works. I have a strange sense of humor. The nail polish is left over from my last pedicure, which was also my first one.

They are also practically flat.

This is the back of my neck, where I am planning to put my next tattoo, right up next to the hairline.

Something similar to this...it's a picture of the back of Rhianna's neck. It's pretty close to what I've been imagining. My last really clear memory of my grandfather is when I saw him at the hospital. He spotted me and said, "Hey, Sugar." He always had silly nicknames for me, Hollywood was one of them, he called me Hollywood every time I was dressed up or wearing sunglasses. The stars are for him. I miss him.


  1. MP said...
    Ouch...I am such a wimp I could never get a tattoo..I really have no desire though. But I do think as far as tattoo's go..that is cool.

    My nail polish is from my last pedicure too..in September..opps..and I tried clipping my toes and made them bleed..but I'm going to have to get a real one soon since I'm going to the beach..
    Do flat feet hurt?
    Bri said...
    Tattoos, at least small ones like mine, are neither as scary or painful as you would think. Every time I see the one on my hip, it makes me smile, I'm so glad I did it.

    As far as my feet go, I do sometimes have issues with them, but I don't know if it has anything to do with their flatness, or not.

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