Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's been a crazy week for more reasons than I want to say here. Remember this entry? Yeah, more of that. No idea if it's a good thing, or just designed to make me crazy...your guess is as good as mine.

Here's to the good news:
I did get the Easter Bunny job, which starts tomorrow. It's only for three weeks, but it should help out.
I was approved for BlogHer ads which should be appearing soon, I'm switching the layout a bit so that there is plenty of room.

And the bad:
I know I've mentioned before that my friend Dan is in the Army. He is being deployed very soon and this weekend will be my last opportunity to see him for 15 months. Good thoughts, prayers, what have you, I would appreciate some sent his way. Thanks.

I am TRYING to finish the questions I was sent for the Great Interview Experiment, but for some reason it's taking me forever. Gah!

The makers of LOST are geniuses, but I find that I don't like writing about each episode. I may talk about it every once in a while, just not every week, so my only weekly entry will be Naked Mondays, which I'm really liking.

I'll let you know how the Easter Bunny thing goes and will post a real entry soon!


  1. MP said...
    Bossy's coming~~ I think we need to get together so at least we know each other first..maybe one day we can meet at Noodles in Hampton Villiage for dinner..what do you think?
    Heather said...
    Can't wait to meet you when Bossy visits. I'd bring my boys to visit you as the Easter Bunny, but they are scared of the Easter Bunny. Go figure.
    cadiz12 said...
    i loved that last episode of LOST, too. finally some payback for all of that hanging in there!

    all the best on the easterbunny thing and lots of good vibes to your friend Dan. i hope he gets to come back home as soon as possible.

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