Monday, March 3, 2008

Naked Mondays # 3

This photo was taken this past saturday....

I wasn't trying to be cool here (or fierce), I was trying not to fall out of my chair. ;) I had an entry planned about all the weight I've lost recently, but I can't find photos that make the changes really clear. I'm about 5'8" tall. Currently, I weigh only 10 more pounds than I did in high school. This is not a good thing. The winter blues have really knocked me on my ass this year and food hasn't held any interest for me lately, which makes me all weak and sickly feeling. Basically, I feel like crap and none of my pants fit. I am incredibly annoyed with it all. To top it all off, my boobs are smaller, dammit.

p.s. I am not sharing this in any way to brag. I have been happier with my body at 150 pounds than I ever was at 115. I am taller than average and need the padding or I have no curves AT ALL. My boobs! Are shrinking! Gah! I'm just sharing and letting it all hang out.

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  1. My Life My Life My Life said...
    My boobs are the first place I lose as well which would be good if I could lose it and find it in my booty...I'm flat as a door.

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