Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Economist- LOST

Have to make this quick since I procrastinated and the next episode is on tonight.

A couple of memerable lines from this ep.:

Sayid, referring to Ben-“Forgive me, but the day I start trusting him is the day I would have sold my soul.” Crap. I really hope he hasn’t sold his soul to the devil. I mean, really, who could have seen that coming? Kind of blows the mind.

Frank, referring to Sayid- "Iraq? Was he some sort of diplomat?"
Jack- "No. He was a torturer."
The look on Frank’s face is priceless.

What we learned in this ep.:

Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6.

He seems to be some sort of assassin in the future. He kills a man on the golf course in Europe somewhere. The man seems to be frightened when Sayid tells him who he is. Sayid calls him by name before shooting him. He uses a woman named Elsa to get close to a target, only she is not what she seems, either. She shoots him and speaks to someone on the phone about getting a name from him. She tells the person on the phone to go to the safe house. Sayid kills her. Elsa is wearing a bracelet just like Naomi's, the bracelet that seemed to bother Sayid on the island.

Sayid has a list. A list of people to kill. It seems that they know he is after them now, and Ben is pleased. Yes, Ben. Ben recruited Sayid to kill people, apparently not good people. Talk about freaky.

Dan Dan, the physics man, has discovered that time works differently on the island. Something is off by 31 minutes. Strange. He tells Frank to take the exact heading out that they used to get in.

Ben has a stash of money and passports in his house at the compound. There's a lot more going on with that guy than I think we can even guess. No one has that many passports for good reasons.

Also, Ben's man on the boat is most likely Micheal. We should see that this week.

Next week, or rather tonight:

We find out how Kate wasn't in jail in Jack's flashforward.


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