Saturday, February 16, 2008

The book I referred to in the last post is "Silent in the Grave"by Deanna Raybourn. Really enjoyed it, couldn't put it down.

The LOST post is still coming, though it won't be as long as the last one.

I applied to have BlogHer network ads on my blog. Why? Because I am poor, and struggling, frankly. If they accept me and it brings in ANY income at all, it will be welcome. I figured if I'm going to spend so much of my spare time blogging and reading blogs I might as well TRY. I'm not sure that I get enought traffic for their ads, but it couldn't hurt to apply, so I did.

I may have mentioned before that I lost my job on campus due to scheduling. The ironic part is that scheduling was a problem because I was supposed to be student teaching this semester....which has not happened. Mostly my fault, but a bureaucratic nightmare. Soo, I am only taking 3 credit hours at this point which makes financial aid an adventure. le sigh. sucks. So, I'm pretty much out of money and have none coming in any time soon. Good thing I live for a challenge. That and my parents are AWESOME. Yep, I'll admit it. I'm 30 and still need the occasional financial help of my parents. That is so embarrassing. Please don't think less of me. ;) Ok, I think I got off topic a bit.

The funny that I wanted to share was desperation, I combed the craigslist job ads and I will be applying on Tuesday for the position of Easter Bunny at a local mall. lol How awesome is that? I hope I get it, cuz I'm dying to put Easter Bunny on my resume. Ha!

Also, I'm going to look into substituting, because I need to get myself out there in the education community. So, at least the next couple of months won't be a complete loss. Still, crap.

There are some other ideas floating around in my a single, it makes me crazy that many of my friends refuse to go to dinner or the movies alone....and what changes I've made recently to live a little healthier and cheaper.

finally, a note:
spell check is being difficult again, I tried to edit, but spelling isn't my thing, so there will probably be mistakes. sorry.


  1. MP said... will have to tell me what mall...I'll come sit on your lap..or maybe that sounds wrong..well maybe I'll let my stepson sit on your lamp..
    Bri said...
    South County..the interviews/auditions?/whatever are tonight. Wish me luck and if I do actually get the Easter bunny gig, you have to bring him! lol.

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