Thursday, March 6, 2008

  • DON'T walk around putting all your weight in each step. If anything rattles when you move about, try not walking like a sasquatch, k?
  • DON'T start an argument at 5am before leaving for work. Just because you are up that early, doesn't mean anyone else is.
  • DON'T use a washing machine if you don't own it. Nuf' said.
  • If you are going to use other people's appliances, DON'T use their soap and then make it really obvious that you are doing so by buying new soap when you have used all of theirs and leaving it there for them to find!!!!
  • DON'T have screaming fights that require domestic disturbance calls to the police.
  • DON'T taunt your crying baby. I can barely hear him/her, but you, imitating her only more loudly, I hear loud and clear. You ghetto fucktard. I hate you. Please die. Thanks.

Note: I haven't actually had to call the police, but I've thought about it several times. And they really do use my washing machine. At least I don't pay for water, could be worse.

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  1. punchanella said...
    i think i live above you. very sorry.


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