Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My statcounter is just about to roll over to 3000 hits. That may not seem like much, but to me, it's amazing. I started this blog in July of 2007 and it just keeps growing and growing. I'm involved in this amazing community of people, communicating with perfect strangers everyday.

And this Sunday, I'm going to meet a bunch of them face-to-face! It's like going on a blind date with a handful of people! (I'm still not sure how many people will actually be there...6? 10?) I'm equally excited and nervous as hell. The weird part is explaining it to non-bloggers.

"There's this woman, she's a fairly famous blogger in the community and she's driving around the country, meeting other bloggers and encouraging us to meet each other. How awesome is that? "
"Uh, sure?"
"And, now, I'm going to meet her and a bunch of other women who also write on the internet and we're going to drink cocktails and, I don't know, braid each other's hair or something!"
"Um, great? What's a blog, again?"

I don't consider myself an antisocial person or a particularly reserved one, (hello, Naked Mondays?) but I think as bloggers, it's often easier to maintain this community of internet friends when we only have to expose ourselves via the computer. And as a woman who spends a majority of her time in school surrounded by 21-22 year olds, I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to make real live grown up friends. Ugh, I'm not sure what I'm saying here, but I'm excited (and nervous!) about meeting everyone and judging from the other Bossy meet-ups I've read about, we're all going to have a great time. So, look for my reactions Monday, or if you're going to be at the chocolate bar Sunday evening, I'll be the dork drunk from two chocolate martinis, and please, don't let me dance on anything!


  1. Simon said...
    So far I've only done this once (meet up with bloggers) but it was fun. I also have offline friends who don't really understand how I can be friends with someone I've never met in the flesh. A blogmate of mine put it well here:
    And regarding the number of hits you get, I wonder if that has anything at all to do with the number of posts you write with the word "naked" in the title...?
    Angie said...
    SO cool that you guys are doing this. My family/friends generally don't "get" the whole blogging for the sake of meeting other bloggers thing. They all like to think of my blog as their own personal glimpse of my life. I think it is cute, but I just don't talk about it a lot.

    I am just a few hours from St. Louis in Peoria, IL, but I can't make Bossy's St. Louis stop. I am bummed. I would love to meet her and some relatively close in proximity bloggers. I grew up in ST. Louis for 12 years of my life and my heart is still there... well, there and Denver...

    MP said...
    Didn't I leave a comment this morning..or am I smoking crack again?

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